Happy Thursday!  Today I wanted to shine my Spotlight on an Amaretto project that has been in the works for some time now.  Back in January we opened the new Horse Museum and the 1st week of February we opened the new K-9 Museum.  Now today I am proud to be the one to announce that the Barnyard Bird Museum is ready for visitors!

It is a lovely fenced area with all the Barnyard Birds out on display.  I’m sitting here on a bench in the middle of the museum writing my Spotlight and admiring all the beautiful Barnyard Birds that have been released since the start of the Amaretto Barnyard Birds.

Of course looking around at all the breedables at the different Amaretto Museums inspires me to start new projects with my horses, k-9s and birds so hopefully it will inspire you all as well!  I love how you can look at the teleport board when you get to the Museum and teleport directly to the section of birds you want to see! If you do visit please notice that you can click on any of the information plaques and it will take you to the appropriate wiki page so you can find out more details about that breed or coat!



You can find the Amaretto Barnyard Bird Museum by following this SLURL:




Until next time Happy Breeding!!



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