I know how to update do you?

Hey guys its Monday! What does that mean? Could we be one day closer to a big update?
I dunno and if I did I sure couldn’t say!

But never the less, I want all you breeders to be prepared for what may or may not come. So……
I made some simple “How to update your horse” videos. There are two new videos located under the Help section of the website.

One video on how to use the bulk updater and one on how to use the single updater.

Just want you guys to be ready if Amaretto should put out an updater someday……….


OH! I almost forgot did you know that we now have our own Youtube channel?? You didn’t? Well good thing you guys have me to keep you informed! Anyways take a look at all the how to videos I’ve been busy making and if you have any suggestions for future videos send me (Avalon Crystal) a note card in world labeled video tutorials with your idea.


Well until next time guys happy breeding….. or updating!!!


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