Spotlight on a “Surprisingly Beautiful” Project

Happy Thursday!  This week I am super excited for you all to read about this fabulous project horse!  Not only does it sound like a beautiful horse but I love projects you can tell a lot of thought and work went into!

I’m sure many of you have seen Ember Rhapsody talking in the main Amaretto Group and now she is going to share this fabulous Trojan Horse project with us all!  Just like when the Ancient Greeks used the 1st Trojan horse to surprise the Trojans this project is going to capture your heart!  This is what Ember had to say about her very creative project:

      I came up with this idea when my horses dropped me a lovely little Roach Mane Silver Roan with Horn Spirit, Gemini Emerald Eyes and Gold Bridle.  She was so pretty, and instantly reminded me of the Trojan horse that was used to infiltrate the City of Troy.  Their colour and speckling looks a lot like marble, so I think of these horses as ‘statues’ of what the Trojan horse may have looked like 🙂  This first picture has my inspiration horse in the foreground.



     As you can see in the first photo, the Roan’s colour doesn’t blend so smoothly, making a bit of a ‘break’ on the neck of the horse.  So I decided a nice Low Luster would smooth that out, and I was right!  It also adds to the polished marble idea.  You can see her pretty Gemini Emerald eyes up close.  I love the way the eyes ‘pop’ on that coat, without overwhelming it.  My concept of the Emerald eye is that the precious stones added to the value of the ‘gift’ that the inhabitants of Troy took into their city.




     I was blessed with a pretty little stud colt with Low Hair Luster on his Roach Mane.  I really like how it defines the edges well and keeps with the idea of polished marble.   I don’t have the Upright Long Tail into this group yet.  Many of the artistic renditions of the Trojan Horse show an upright long tail, is why I chose this trait to finish the base look.


3low luster trojans


     This final photo of the group showing the speckling on their coats, bringing that marble idea firmly home. And of course that Scorpion Brand is perfect to reflect the warrior nature of the gift horse. Its hidden sting changed the course of history!

     As to the Opals, I’m undecided if they belong in the project or not. If anyone else decides to try breeding these and comes up with a double Opal on the Low Luster, I would love to see it. I think the Opal sheen may add to the polished marble idea.


Thank you so much Ember for sharing your project with all of us, it is one surprisingly beautiful horse!  Get it? Surprisingly beautiful!  haha


Until next time, Happy breeding!!



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