Breeders Choice Awards 2015!! Voting Begins Now!!


As you know or 5th Birthday Party is planned for September 1, 2015 and is going to be a lot of fun , with this years theme being “Sock Hop”. We have advertised this for the past week and a half and have been asking you to vote for the 3rd Annual Breeders Choice 2015 Awards Ceremony. Well we have all the nominees in and have taken the top 5 from each category.


Now YOU need to go to this site and complete the survey to vote for your favorite choices in each category. The names are not listed in any special order. To enter your votes, YOU MUST select a choice in EVERY CATEGORY!! Also you will need to include your full SL name and email address for verification. This will insure that you are not a bot.


Here are the Categories and the Nominees:

Best Auction House

Empire Horse Market
E & S Breedables
The Nest Egg Marketplace
Quick Trot Auctions
Misfits Breedables

Best Breedable Market

Forest Knolls
Minx Farms
The Nest Egg Marketplace
Empire Horse Market
Misfits Breedables

Best Third Party Product

Petrades Marketplace, Sepp Zepp
212 Designs, Storm Clary
Riders Products, Race Kristan
::SS Systems::, Starax Sands
iBreeder Auto feeder, AlleeRJ Resident

Best Amaretto Collection

Duckkula Resident
Sedan7777 Resident
robert Corith
Fe Dubrovna
Markus Margulis

Favorite Trend-setter Horse

Lemon Sicily

Best Auctioneer

snookiegirl Resident
Kizy Kayo
JeannaJ Resident
Pam Nikitin
Leo Bumblefoot

Most Creative Breeder

Marco Denimore
JesterofSorrow Resident
Sedan7777 Resident
micia Pearl
BlueQuinn Resident

Most Helpful Breeder

Maverick MacIntyre
snookiegirl Resident
Mami Deerhunter
Molly Lundquist
Trinityskye Zarco

Best Comedic Breeder

AussieBloke Siemens
Pam Nikitin
bryan Carlucci
Leo Bumblefoot
Benny Spingflower

Biggest Spammer Award

Maverick MacIntyre
Benny Spingflower
AlleeRJ Resident
SkylarBear Resident
SillaDaimon Resident

Thank you for taking the time to vote! Good Luck to Everyone! See you at the Party!!!!


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