Interviews with an Auctioneer!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing pam Nikitin! She is a very sweet person and nice to talk with. I asked several questions, and here are her awesome replies!

pam nik
Q.When did you first start being an auctioneer?

A. pam Nikitin: I started Calling about 18 months ago

Q. What made you decide to be an auctioneer?

A. pam Nikitin: Well Benny at Sweetflowers heard my voice and felt that i could be a great auctioneer and the the story began , i started and fell in love with the amaretto partons, and they are the heart and soul of me calling

Q.When you first started auctioneering , what breedable were you auctioning for?

A. pam Nikitin: Amaretto Breedables

Q.What do you feel is the most difficult thing for you, being an Auctioneer?

A. pam Nikitin: When I don’t make the sell for the patrons

Q.What is your favorite type of auction to call?

A. pam Nikitin: I like to both the Drop and Classic, its fun to each kind because it make for a great time on either or.

Q.What do you feel makes a good auctioneer?

A. pam Nikitin: To make a good auctioneer learning what you can get from looking at the patrons breeding skills, and understand that :the heart and soul in me that brings the best to the table, knowing and understand what you can do for your patrons, I love to add humor and laughter in my auctions, and know of course the in and outs of the the Amaretto Breedables. I feel that as a Auctioneer you have it in yourself and always put best foot forward, continue to learn each and everyday.

Q.What is the funniest thing that has ever happen to you when calling an auction?

A. pam Nikitin: Well this a hard one for many times i shut my microphone off and call the horses on the panel and all the stats parents and am talking to myself because i forgot to turn my microphone back on, or I have had my patrons put me in a box and i don’t see it because am calling the horses and trying to make a sell. So i have set the whole auction in a box on the chair am on has been turned upside down.



You can see pam makes her auction fun and really enjoys being an auctioneer!

If you are an Auctioneer and would like to be interviewed, just send a notecard titled Interview of a Auctioneer with your sl name on it to Maleficent Farshore!
Until next week happy breeding , and go check out the auctions for some great deals and fun!


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