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Pretty Paw Polish!

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you guys ready for for the weekend? It’s almost here! Today I wanted to take a moment to cover Paw Polish! Paw Polish DOES have the ability to pass. It is an adorable little way to add a splash of color to any of your projects! The Paw Polish was introduced with the 2012 Special Edition Fall Fantasy K-9s. Breeding these K-9s gave you the chance of getting the hidden Thick Fog, Pumpkin, Indian Corn, Ice Wine, First Frost, and Cornucopia Paw Polishes.

On April 14,2014 Amaretto released the Special Edition Spring 2014 K-9 – Daisy Doggie, this Daisy Doggie passed hidden surprises of Sun, Blossom, and Leaves paw polish.

On December 16,2014 Amaretto released 2014 Holiday. Any breeding of these K-9s gave you a chance at passing hidden surprises of Spearmint, Peppermint, Licorice and Mistletoe Paw Polish.

On September 9, 2016 Amaretto release 2016 Fall Special EditionK-9s any breeding of these K-9s gave you a chance at passing hidden surprises of Gold and Silver and Gold Paw Polish.

On July 4, 2018 Amaretto celebrated Independence day with traits that randomly dropped for 24 hours the Americana Paw Polish was one of the random traits!

Check them out below!!

I hope you like this oh so cute trait to add to your breeding projects!

Happy breeding! Until next time



Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

Are you new to breeding Amaretto? Would you like to learn more about your breedables? Perhaps, you are returning to breeding and need a refresher course? Amaretto Ranch University can help!

Amaretto Ranch University (ARU) was created to help all breeders achieve full knowledge of our products. There are 47 classes ranging from general information to specifics about your horses, K9s, birds, and ponies.

Attending ARU is absolutely free! Classes are taught at 9AM (SLT) and 5PM (SLT) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And, on Saturday at 11AM (SLT). The classroom is located on our ARU & Events Sim

To enroll, touch the registration kiosk, located in the back of the classroom, and follow the easy instructions. The kiosk will provide you with a username and password for the website.

Then all you have to do is show up on time for class and complete a notecard afterward to show attendance. *Please note that it can take up to 7 days for notecards to be processed and to show up on the website.

For the current calendar, a list of classes available and to monitor course progression, go to the website

Learning is not without its rewards! After you complete ALL the classes offered you will be eligible to graduate! **Our next ceremony is still being planned, so, watch for future notices!

Just take a look at last year’s exclusives:

And, check the wikis for all the amazing breedables that have been awarded, over the years, to the graduates of Amaretto Ranch University.

So, what are you waiting for? Start attending ARU TODAY!

Till next time, hope to see you in class and HAPPY BREEDING!

Who’s Who At The Ranch!

Hiya Amaretto Community and a terrific Tuesday to you all! I hope your week is off to a  great start! Today I would like to take a moment to cover who is who at Amaretto Ranch Breedables! You never know when you may have a question or concern about Amaretto Ranch Breedables and will need someone to talk to… so I have listed below everyone involved with Amaretto and what they do here at Amaretto Ranch Breedables:


Owner of Amaretto
Josaphine Cooperstone

JJ Cerna *Amaretto Horses*
Ancient Biscuit *Amaretto K9s*
Mazelina Menna *Amaretto Barnyard Birds & Ducks*
PlayfulPonie Resident *Amaretto Ponie Pals*

General Manager/AMOC/Moderators
Avalon Crystal

Tmzasz Luminos

Tmzasz Luminos
Lexxure Lock

Design Team
Nashville Cortes
Chronic Stoneage
Sylver Bu

Amaretto Ranch Mods
Anaconda Carter
Bastian Hax
snookiegirl Resident
Markus Margulis
Lamia Starspear
Blush Topaz

Amaretto Ranch University Instructors
Monavie Voight
pam Nikitin
Skye Rubanis
snookiegirl Resident
syndal reanimator
Blush Topaz

So now you know everyone at Amaretto Ranch and what we do! These are the folks that are working hard behind the scenes to bring you one of the best breedables in secondlife. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns anytime you need some help!

Happy breeding everyone!

Until next time……

Super Vs Jumbo?!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week! I hope everyone had a SUPER weekend! Speaking of super, today I wanted to take a moment to explain the difference between the Super Mix Pack and the Jumbo Mix Pack. A Super Mix Pack is 5 Breedable 5x Food & 5 5x Salt Licks. These have 5x the servings (2,500 servings) as a regular Breedable Food & Salt. The cost of a Super Mix Pack is 5,850 LS. Do not confuse a Super Mix Pack with the Jumbo Mix pack which is the same price but has 25 Breedable Food (500 servings) & 25 Salt Licks (500 servings).



What is the advantage of a Super Mix Pack vs a Jumbo Mix pack?
Well its the same amount of food just in less prims. Remember one food out of the Super Mix pack will last 5 xs longer than a food from a Jumbo Mix Pack.

We have clearly marked the Super Mix Pack food to look different than any other food it has a 5xs stamp on the food as well as the salt.


If you have questions about any of the Amaretto Horse products you can check out the Product Price List:

So when you are buying mix packs please be sure you buy the one you want because there are no refunds or exchanges on no transfer items!!!

Hope this will help clear up the confusion.

Have a Super week! Until next time…

Ear Tips!

Hey Everyone
Today I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Ear Tips for the horses! The Ear Tips are an awesome trait and they are a perfect addition for those trying to color coordinate the traits! The Ear Tips were introduced as the 25th Trait from the 2015 Independence Day – Uncle Sam Horse. You can change the color of your horses ears with this trait! This trait DOES have the ability to pass! How exciting! Take a look below at the beautiful Ear Tips!

Happy Ear Tip breeding! Until next time……

Hugs Marku <3

Batty Bosom!!

Happy Saturday everyone hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Barnyard Birds Batty Bosom trait for our chickens!!

Batty Bosom were introduced to breeders on June 1, 2016! The Batty Bosom replaced the Crazed Barnyard Birds. Starting on the 1st of the month Amaretto announced what you must breed together to get that months Batty Bosom!

To get a Batty Bosom you must breed two Barnyard Birds that have the trait that was announced for that particular month!

  • Batty Bosom Cherry – Breeding two Cuprite legs- June 1- 30th
  • Batty Bosom Americana – Breeding a Azurite Beak to a Cuprite Beak July 1- July 31
  • Batty Bosom Yang-Yin – Breeding two Yang-Yin eyes August 1- August 31
  • Batty Bosom Safari – Breeding two Tribal Beak Designs September 1 – September 30
  • Batty Bosom Bloody- Breeding 2 Bloody Traits October 1 – October 31
  • Batty Bosom Glitter Silver – Breeding 2 Platinum Blue Leg November 1 – November 30
  • Batty Bosom Jester – Breeding any 2 Shades December 1 – December 31
  • Batty Bosom Melody – Breeding two Melody Eyes together January 1- January 31
  • Batty Bosom Heart – Breeding two Wing Red Heart or Wing Pink Heart together February 1- February 28
  • Batty Bosom Flower Power – Breeding TWO Barnyard Birds with Leg Zircon or Beak Zircon March 1 – March 31
  • Batty Bosom Chronic- Hidden in the Collectors “420” Edition
  • Batty Bosom A.R.U.- Hidden in the 2018 Collectors Edition A.R.U. Commencement
  • Batty Bosom – Thanksgiving 2018 On Thursday, November 22 any nest dropping could have the possibility to randomly get a new Batty Bosom Turkey!
  • Batty Bosom – Chuckle Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!
  • Batty Bosom – Specs Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!
  • Batty Bosom – Oopsy Poopsy Hidden in the 2018 Gacha Emoji Birds!



For a closer look at this awesome trait check it out on the wiki

Until next time this is Snookie saying Bok Bok & Happy Breeding!

Slurl Me!

Hey guys guess what it is FRIYAY! That means we have all survived another week! We are super busy here at Amaretto working on top secret update stuff! Enough about us lets talk about you!

It occurred to me earlier today that we do have some community members that do not know how to make a slurl!

SLurls and landmarks serve the same purpose. The main difference is that a SLurl is simply a text link, while a landmark is an inventory item type which can only be used inside of SL.

You can post a slurl in spam, in note card, or even an private message! If a Amaretto CSR ever answers your ticket with the reply please send me a slurl, I want you guys to be ready!

How to use and make SLurls
To use an existing SLurl:

Click this example SLurl.
On the page it takes you to, click Visit this location to open it in Second Life.

To make a new SLurl:

Move your avatar to where you want to create the SLurl.
Click the place name in the location bar (near the top of the Viewer window) to convert it to a SLurl. It’ll look like

Right-click and Copy the SLurl while it’s selected, or use Ctrl+V.

Paste the SLurl where you want it.

Alternatively, you can also use the WORLD MAP to get SLurls:

Select World menu > World Map.
Click Copy SLurl.

You can also enter another place on the map, then click Copy SLurl to get a remote SLurl.

Converting a landmark to a SLurl (and vice-versa)
To convert a landmark to a SLurl:

Select Me > Places.
Right-click a landmark and select Copy SLurl.
Paste the Slurl where you want it.
To convert a SLurl to a landmark:

Click or otherwise use the SLurl to get to its location.
Select World > Landmark This Place. The landmark is saved to your inventory.

So this is a great secondlife tip i use all the time! Hope this helps some of you guys that didnt know how to make a slurl. Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

National Pet Day!

Hello everyone its another great day here at Amaretto! I didnt know this but maybe you did, did you know that today is National Pet Day?

Thats right April 11th is National pet day, and i know we at Amaretto and even amongst breeders we love our pets! Some interesting facts

22% of Americans are attracted to people who treat their pet like a family member.
11% of Americans hang out with their pets (e.g. watch TV, read books, etc.).
10% of Americans consider their pet to be their best friend.
10% of Americans talk to their pet in a special voice.
10% of Americans carry on conversations with their pet.

I think i definitely do all the above! LOL

Well what is a better reason to show our fur babies off! Here is a picture of all the Amaretto’s staffs fur babies!

Lets start at the top!
Josaphine Cooperstone
Pictured below: Butchie (left) John John (right)

Avalon Crystal
Pictured Below: Cooper (left) Presley (right)

My very own security system look at those ears!!!!
Pictured Below: Smokey

Tmzasz Luminos
Pictured Below: Butters

Pictured Below:Squeakers

Jaymee Caproni
Pictured Below: Mr. Muchacho

Do our pets match our personality?
What a diverse set of pets! I want to see your pets so find me on facebook:
Post a pic of your pets on my wall!!!

I can’t wait to see all of your fur babies!
Happy Breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!

Celebrate Diversity

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink” – Lilly Pulitzer

It’s a genetic fact that no two of us are alike. Individuality is a good thing! Yet, the differences between us can, also, be a catalyst for criticism from others in the form of bullying.

Everyone knows someone who is a bully. Bullies intimidate others verbally, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. Dealing with a bully is something most people have been forced to do at least once in their life. In fact, according to research, 1 in 2 people experience bullying at some point before their 20th birthday.

Bullying happens in every culture or society. It can happen at home, at school, in the workplace, and over the internet. What I’m trying to say is, anyone can be a bully, anyone can be victimized by bullying, but, together we can stop it. That’s the message behind the International Day of Pink (April 10). It is a day to unite in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop all forms of bullying and discrimination.

Why Pink?

Pink is a non-threatening color seeking appreciation, respect, and admiration. The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Pink is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope.

Amaretto takes great strides to promote inclusion and positivity. That’s why they offer a diversity of traits; allowing you to create a design that shows your own individuality. Create something spectacular today! Here are just a few pink traits to get you started!

To find out more about Day of Pink or ways to stop bullying, check these webpages:

Till next time…Be Kind & Happy Breeding!


My breedable is hungry!

Hey guys its Ava! I hope everyone is enjoyig this Terrific Tuesday!

So with all the craziness that has been in sl the past couple of days I wanted to talk to you about sick Horses, K-9s, Barnyard Birds, and Ponies!

Ive seen a few people saying that their horses aren’t eating, I know there are several breedable market sims that have had known issues. I wanted to go over a few simple checks to make sure that all your settings are correct. I know some of you have been breeding Amaretto for years and know everything there is to know, but sometimes its only a setting that will keep your breedable from eating,

So here is Ava’s check list for a breedable that is not eating:

1. Are scripts turned on?
2. Is the food set to All, Owner Only, or Group?
3. Is the breedable set to to correct food breedable or pet?
4 Is the food within range?
5. Is my breedable frozen or duplicated?
6. Is my food duplicated? (check for a uuid in the description field of the food)
7. Did i rerezz the breedable?
8. Is my breedable up to date?

If you go thru all these questions and still can not figure out why your breedable is not eating you should go ahead and file a ticket to have a csr come out. I cant tell you how many times ive went to a breeders and its a simple setting that is keeping their breedable from eating! It can happen even to the seasoned breeder!

If your breedable is sick currently it will take 3 days for them to eat thier way out of sickness, unless you are talking about ponies, ponies must have ponie noodle soup once they have this poine is sick above their head!

So happy breeding and eating everyone!
This is Ava over and out!