Horse Feed!

Ok guys i thought it might be time to revisit this issue as i have seen some chatter about this in the group.

My food is going to fast?!

Well lets talk some facts.
A hungry horse will eat about 2 to 3 times more often then a horse that is not hungry. Let me give you an example of something

If you have 300 horses they will eat 300 foods every 4 weeks.

It is 1 food per horse per 28 days 300 divided by 4 weeks being 28 days is 11 foods a day is what 300 NON hungry horses will eat.

Food is not going any faster then it should be if you are having issues they could be due to sl itself or the horses could be hungry as stated….

This has been tested by Amaretto and others again and again……..

So rest assured that your horses aren’t eating any more than they did weeks ago… i encourage you guys to test this out yourself!

Well hope everyone is having fun gearing up for the upcoming holidays and happy breeding until next time………


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