Hello Amaretto community and welcome to December! We have some fun events planned for you for the end of the year! Take a look at our calendars below!

December 7 @ 6pm slt – All I Want For Christmas Auction

December 12 @ 1pm slt – Ice Fishing

December 19 @ 5pm slt – Amaretto’s Christmas Masquerade Ball

December 26 @ 1pm slt – Amaretto Community Meeting

December 31 @ 5pm slt – New Year’s Eve Club Amaretto

Don’t forget to attend our Amaretto University Classes! They are very informative and a great way to learn something new about the wonderful Amaretto Breedables and more!

Happy Holidays and Happy December to you all!!! I hope to see you all at the events and in the ARU classes!

Until next time….


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