There are a few options to stay informed about Amaretto issues or announcements.  This blog is a great source of information that you can refer back to at any time so I am going to use my blog this week to list out a few of the ways to stay informed and up-to-date.

  • The best and easiest way is to join the Amaretto Ranch Breedables group.  You can join the group by touching any of the group joiner boards at any Amaretto Store location.  Once you are a member of the group, go to group info and make sure the box is checked to allow you to receive Group Notices.  If you get capped on notices a lot you can always go to the notices tab at the top of the info box and look at past notices. As this group has grown larger and larger it can often times be very difficult to keep up with the chat in the chat tab, and asking questions can be hindered by chat lag, so when in doubt be sure to check those past notices.  **Remember** This group is for general this group is for info about the horses & K-9’s NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (including freebies or giveaways)  and CONSTANT ARGUING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, that is not what this group is for.
  • Also located at all the Amaretto Store locations is a Hippo Group Joiner.  You can join the Hippo group and be informed of all major announcements without taking up a group slot.
  • The Main Amaretto Website located at is where we put all the big announcements (which are also sent out in notices).


These are the 3 easiest way to stay up-to-date and informed about all things Amaretto.  Hope this helps everyone to stay informed.



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