Why do you “Relay”?

TGI Friday! I wanted to make sure that I used my blog time this week to remind everyone that Amaretto is having the Auction for a Cure tomorrow, Saturday March 23 at 3pm SLT! If you weren’t able to get your notecard in to Avalon Crystal by 5pm SLT on March 22, I sure hope you will watch for future events from Amaretto during Relay for Life’s Time for a Cure.  Also be sure to pop over to the auction site, located at the Nest Egg where you can view the horses and K-9s that are up for auction. While preparing to write this blog I got to thinking about all the different reasons that people participate in Relay for Life and I thought I would share with you all why I chose to “Relay”!

I relay because I think RFL in SL is one great idea! No matter where you are, or what your situation may be in real life, via Second Life you can still feel like you make a difference.  There are many people who are not able to go and do the things they once could in the real world but Second Life gives us all the ability to be or do pretty much anything, including making a difference in the fight for a cure.  It is a sad fact that at one time or another most everyone will be touched by cancer at some point in their lives, whether by a friend or family member, acquaintance or even a celebrity you see in movies or TV.  So why do I relay in Second Life?  The question we should be asking is …why doesn’t everyone relay in Second Life?


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