Do’s and Dont’s for when LL does Maintenance

Hello everyone today i would like to cover a few things that should not be done while LL does Maintenance.

Occasionally during LL Maintenance sessions their servers cause things to happen to the Horses/K-9’s that shouldn’t. Anything that does happen can be fixed but in order to minimize the chances of something happening here are some helpful tips to pass along:

  • Do not pick up or attempt to rez out horses/K-9’s/bundles/kennels as sometimes the asset server gets a hiccup and decides to eat them. If you must pickup or rez a horse/K-9/bundle/kennel please copy down its FULL API from the description field before doing anything, to make recovering the horse/K-9/bundle/kennel as quick as possible.
  • Do not attempt to send a horse/K-9/bundle/kennel to Horse Haven/Puppy Paradise as the maintenance can prevent that communication from going through.
  • Do not attempt to birth Bundles/Kennels as the maintenance can cause the Bundle/Kennel to not birth correctly.
  • Do not move Bundles/Kennels from under the mother until the hover text says it is ready!

I hope this helps everyone have less lost horses/K-9’s/bundles/kennels đŸ™‚


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