TGIF! I spent today going over the notes from the two AMOC meetings yesterday and pulling from them items that could be addressed in my Customer Connection.  What I discovered is that most of the information that was being asked for is already available and easy to obtain.

Let me start with the idea of providing a list for what “is and isn’t” considered a trait.  This is on each wiki manual that is available for each animal.  Those pages are all listed on the HELP tab of the Amaretto website.  The Amaretto wiki’s that are a source of great pride for the entire staff as we work very hard to provide the community with the best possible information about Amaretto Breedables.

Another thing that was asked for was a list of landmarks be provided for newer breeders. As you found out in the Customer Connection from yesterday there is now a Store Locator on the Amaretto website! Just log in to the website and below your picture you can find that option and everyone can easily make their way around! This Store locator is very cool!

So I cannot encourage you enough to become familiar with all things on the Amaretto website it is filled with a plethora of information on each Amaretto Breedable!


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