Hello Everyone its me your neighborhood Webmaster and today i would like to retouch a little bit on the various log ins for the Website/Ticket system. As Many of you know the website and the ticket system are 2 separate log ins, i know this is something that can be confusing but i hope to explain it a little to help clear any confusion.

First off we have the main website login.

This one is for everything but the ticket system.

First off its best to use a NON-Second Life based browser as the internal browsers don’t really work with much ( and in fact have shown not to work with the website or the ticket system most of the time ). at the bottom of this post i will provide a few links to the popular browsers for you to choose from 🙂

Now in the browser of your choice go to http://amarettobreedables.com and near the top of the page is a sign up / sign in button. If you have already signed up for the main website you would click sign in if not then click sign up ( Remember registering for the main website will not register you for the ticket system and vice versa you have to sign up for both but you can use the same email / password combination for both 🙂 )

Now after clicking sign up you will be prompted to create your profile just fill in the information with your Second life information and when it asks for profile address refer to this connection: http://amarettobreedables.com/connection/?p=472

Now you are registered and should receive a confirmation email, if for some reason you did not receive the email ( please be patient and give it at least 30 minutes to arrive and be sure to check your spam folder as well ) Please send a Notecard in-world to Tmzasz Luminos and I will look into it and get the account activated for you 🙂


Now on to the Ticket System

Now the reason you have to sign up for the ticket system as well is because the website and ticket system use a different method of storing the user names and other information and cant understand each other ( its like if you went to another country that spoke a language that you were not familiar with and they didn’t understand you )

Now to register to the ticket system go to http://support.amarettobreedables.com and click on the button in the center of the page that says Register. Again its best to use a NON-Second Life browser for this.

After clicking register fill in the Account information as a reminder we only need your second life name and do not suggest or need you to fill in any RL information.

Once you register ( no email confirmation with the ticket system ) at http://support.amarettobreedables.com there is a box on the right hand side of the page that says Log In and one that says Subscribe. Ignore the one that says Subscribe and put your email address and the password you chose into the login box and login 🙂

After logging in at the top where it says > Home > View tickets > Submit a ticket > Knowledgebase > News > Troubleshooter click on home to go to the front page or Submit a Ticket to go straight to the ticket submition page.


I hope this helps everyone to be able to login easier 🙂


Links to Popular Browsers:

Google Chrome


Apple Safari


Mozilla Firefox




Internet Explorer



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