I have seen quite a few people file tickets about duplicate breedables. I would like to let everyone know why this happens and what you should do when it does!


This happens when there are two copies of a horse, K9, or bird in world, this can happen due to lag, sim restarts, sim rollbacks, crashes, and even updating.


If you find a breedable in your inventory and you know that you already have it out, you can right click on the item in inventory, look in the description field and compare the numbers from that with your breedables number. If you set it out and you already have it out, both copies will duplicate.


When SL does a sim Rollback, it takes the sim back to a previous state. If you have purchased a horse/k-9/bird from someone, and the sim where you purchased the breedable from has a rollback, it can create a duplicate issue., maybe even someone else has come along and also purchased the same breedable. This is why we ask for transaction history. If this happens you can contact the seller for refund. Please don’t just assume they are selling duplicates on purpose. Talk to the seller. Things can be worked through.


So your horse, K9, or bird is duplicated what do I do now??


First file a ticket, be sure to include as much information as possible. The uuid of the horse/K9/bird  is the best piece is information you could provide, so whenever possible please be sure to put it inside the ticket.


Also, if you recently bought the horse/K9/bird please provide the full transaction record with date, time, region etc., for your purchase? This can be found on your dashboard on the Secondlife.com website under transaction history.


When the CSR looks up the horse/K9/bird on the server if you do not show as owner of the horse/K9/bird we can’t return it to you! This is for all of our customer’s protection we don’t want anyone to just give us a uuid and say the horse/K9/bird is theirs when it’s really not!


Once you have filed a ticket, you will be asked to send in all copies of the duplicated horse/K9/bird. When sending folders to the csr, make sure your name and ticket id is on the folder!


Don’t send replies to tickets in IM or notecards, reply to your ticket in your ticket!

If you do the things I have talked about here your ticket will be answered quickly and it will be a smooth process for you and Amaretto CSR’s!!


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