Thanksgiving is usually for the birds…….

Thanksgiving is usually for the birds, many of us in the United States are already prepping and preparing our menus for the Thursday. Here at Amaretto I have noticed a buzz with all those winged horses roaming around. Ive been keeping an eye out on them since they have arrived, they are a little standoffish since they became the 20th trait. Seems I can’t keep them away from the Memorable Haven Horses and Haven Horse Darkness, Im not sure what that is all about.
I was more concerned with the Barnyard Birds protesting since we like to eat their distant relatives the turkey on Thanksgiving. The Barnyard Birds were unusually quiet I mean usually I hear them out there just clucking around most of the time. I thought I better go check on them and make sure they aren’t up to any funny business. Everything seemed normal there as I continued on my walk through at the Amaretto Ranch I heard a wild turkey noise. As I rounded the corner I saw a very strange rainbow turkey fly away from the horse pasture, as it flew away it had left something over in the bundles area.
All the horses in the pasture were gathering around a bundle, I wasn’t sure what to make of this so I birthed it! You wont believe what happened next the cutest horse was born but something was definitely odd about this horse it looked like it had feathers and has the most interesting wings, nothing like a horse we are used to seeing. Then the horse took a step back and let out a big gobble sound! Then I knew what happened that wild turkey had done something to the bundles! I didn’t know how I was going to explain this to Josaphine I mean she leaves me in charge of the ranch and look what happens! I had to think fast, just as I was going over in my mind how I could explain this gobble horse to her, I heard the K-9s barking and yelping. Thats when I knew the wild turkey had visited the k-9s too. I just knew this had to be revenge for all the years of eating turkey on thanksgiving! When I reached the kennels I saw they had fallen victim to the same fate that the horses did. I birthed the kennel and to my surprise a very strange orange k9 was born. I knew I was in trouble now, so I got the gobble horse and the Thanksgiving K-9 and headed to my home and hid them within my heard. I sure hope that Mrs. Jospahine doesn’t find out or ill be in trouble for sure.
¬†Well I do hope all of you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep an eye out for wild turkeys visiting your breeding stocks from 12:01 AM SLT November 21st to 11:59 PM SLT on November 25th. Whatever you do please don’t tell Mrs. Josaphine what happened! Happy breeding everyone Ava over and out!


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