Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and that your breedables dropped something amazing for you!
I want to talk today about what permissions on your breedables should be. When selling your horse, K-9 or Barnyard Bird all you need to do is click the sale box and insert the price. No other permissions need to be changed. This also applies to zero sales or transferring your horse to a friend so they may ride it. If you are using the Firestorm viewer you will have to set the permissions to original because the default is copy.
If you do buy a breedable and receive a folder containing the contents of the breedable, this means that someone changed those permissions and you will need to file a ticket with us to have your breedable repaired.
This is another good thing to be sure you check when purchasing breedables. Always make sure you check who you are buying from and if the permissions are set properly. I hope this helps prevent some of the issues with permissions. Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!


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