Happy Wednesday Everyone !
I decided to talk some about A.M.O.C. today hope everyone is doing well today .

A.M.O.C is Amaretto Market Owners Coalition
this is to help the market owners an and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market..
Anyone interested can join the group!
So if you would like to join A.M.O.C just let one of the officers listed here know and they can add you or any of the Amaretto Staff .

Here is a list of the officers

A.M.O.C. Lead Officers:

Mami Deerhunter
Sixx Streeter


Marco Denimore
Marloesss Lesnie
Bundy Xue
Prettyb Durant
Brook Demonia
Belle Loll
faith stipe

Just to let you know you might want to attend some of the meetings the A.M.O.C. has just interesting topics chatted about at the meetings.

A.M.O.C. also has some events coming up so you would need to check them out.

So until next time Happy Breeding Everyone


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