Exciting Events Coming Up …

Hello Happy Horse Breeders! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and that the 1st day of Spring/Autumn brought happy thoughts of the beautiful change in seasons that can’t get here soon enough!
I hope everyone read Karrie’s blog on Wednesday about AMOC! That group is really taking off and I couldn’t be more excited! They have had some very successful meetings and have a few amazing events planned. The first of these is taking place next, Saturday March 30, 2013 and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

The 1st AMOC Race for Fun is going to take place at the Amaretto Racetrack at Boomtown. If you would like to participate in this race you still have time to get in touch with Mami Deerhunter or Bundy Xue and they will send you a notecard to get you registered. This is going to be one fun event and I hope to see many of you out there enjoying yourselves!

AMOC is also planning a grid wide Bundle Hunt on April 12th which should be tons of fun! If you want to donate bundles for this hunt or would like to participate please contact Prettyb Durant or Faith Stipe.



Don’t forget the Amaretto Easter Egg Hunt coming up on March 28th that will be a good warm up for the big Grid wide AMOC Bundle Hunt! Looking forward to seeing each of you out having a great time at these events! Until next time Happy Breeding!



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