Third Party Products

Amaretto gets quite a few tickets and questions each day about a few Third Party Products so I thought I would use my blog to talk about them.

First off the Automatic Feeder by Ritzy Breedables that is made by Richie Carami.  Yes the General Manager of Amaretto Breedables did find the time to make a 3rd party product for the community LOL. Richie put this product out way back when Amaretto Horses first started and it is just one of many that are out there for purchase in the community. This is not an official Amaretto product it is indeed a 3rd party product. If you have issues with this product as stated in the instructions that come with it, you need to contact either Richie Carami or Tmzasz Luminos.

Next is the breed book by Avalon Crystal.  I’m sure many of you know Avalon as the most adorable of us CSR’s but she is also an accomplished photographer and takes some of the best pictures for Amaretto.  Well in her spare time she also decided to put together the Breed Book for the community as she saw many in the chat group asking for one.  This also is not an official Amaretto product, it is also a 3rd party product so if you have any questions about the Breed Book please contact Avalon Crystal.

The last product is actually a service, one that many of you use daily, This website is designed and maintained by NZ Shepherd and Calista Janus.  Although has the Amaretto Breedables *Seal of Approval* and they work closely with us to provide this system, they are not an official Amaretto product they are also a 3rd party product.  When breeding Amaretto horses is an invaluable tool that anyone who uses it normally swears by!  It provides you with all the information on your horses without you having to write a single thing down, that’s pretty sweet!  We all know how hungry Second Life can be at times and if you need to file a ticket with Amaretto for missing/lost horses going to your page and finding the horse by name then clicking on edit will give you the horses uuid number and us CSR’s will be able to replace that horse a lot faster for you!  Now that rocks right  If you have issues with they have a great CSR themselves named Storm Munforth and you can contact either her, NZ Shepherd or Calista Janus and they will be happy to help you.

These are just some of the products there are tons of other 3rd party products out there for use with Amaretto Horses as we have one of the most creative communities in Second Life!



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