Did you hear about the horse with the negative altitude? He always said “Neigh”

What kind of horse has trouble keeping track of his Macintosh? An Appaloosa!

What’s the hardest thing about learning to ride a horse? The ground!

What duo were famous for stealing horses? Bonnie and Clydesdale!

What disease do horses fear most? Hay Fever!

A man left for a trail ride on Friday, and came back three days later on Friday. How? His horse’s name was Friday!

The eastern lady who was all ready to take a horseback ride said to the cowboy, “Can you get me a nice gentle pony?” “Shore,” said the cowboy. “What kind of saddle do you want, English or Western?” “What’s the difference?” asked the lady. “The western saddle has a horn on it,” said the cowboy. “If the traffic is so thick here in the mountains that I need a horn on my saddle, I don’t believe I want to ride.”


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