Rollbacks an Amaretto

Well Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you are enjoying your breedables!

Today I would like to talk a little about Amaretto Breedables and Second Life.

Let’s start with the rollbacks Second Life is doing every Tuesday an whenever they decide to, and some of the problems it is causing for your Amaretto Breedables.

Let’s start with Mother had Second Bundle. If this happens to you all you need to do is leave the bundle under the mother until you have copied the UUID of the mother because we will need this to send you the correct bundle, if you have 2 bundles under the mother one will be a viable bundle an the 2nd one will be a non-viable bundle. You can delete the Mother had second bundle if only you got a good one no need to file a ticket.

But! If you only got the Mother had 2nd bundle you will need to file a ticket with the mother’s information so we can get the bundle to you as soon as possible. You can also click on the mother and see what the last bundle this mother had. Click on breeding then click on last bundle.

Well since that covers Mother had 2nd bundle let’s move on and talk about the duplicated horses or duplicated bundles. All you have to do is file a ticket on this and check your ticket for a respond and what CSR to send your horses to.

Well I would also like to mention missing horse! When you file a ticket for a missing horse please be sure to include the UUID or the name of the horse! When you have all this the CSR will get your horse back to you as quickly as possible! Make a quick notecard with all your horses’ names and UUID’s on it that way you have it just in case you need it, it does come in handy!

Well I think I covered about what can happen with your breedables when Second Life decides to do the no no on us!

So until next Wednesday Have a Great Day and Happy Breeding!!





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