Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday with your friends and family in SL and RL. I know I have enjoyed mine with my breeding family and best friend!
Today I wanted to let all of you guys know about some changes that we have made to the Amaretto Ranch University sim!

Nothing about the classes has changed they will still be given at 9 and at 5, there is now only one classroom so there will be no more confusion if you are in the correct classroom or not.

You will also notice the new courtyard, this is a great place to check the calendars or just a nice relaxing place to hang out.

The museums have not moved and are always open for you guys to explore, and I do hope you take advantage of them.

Why should you visit the ARU sim or attend a class?
Because there is a wealth of information in the classes even the breeder who has been breeding for years!

Remember that we did announce that we will have another graduation on Nov 13! So get into those classes they don’t take long and you might learn a little something!

If you have any questions about graduation or classes at the ARU please contact Avalon Crystal.

I have included a pic of the new courtyard at the Amaretto Ranch University sim.


So take a moment to head over to ARU and look around!


I do hope that you will take the 15 mins to attend a class and learn a little something! I look forward to seeing you in my next class. Happy Breeding everyone!


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