ARU Graduation is coming up soon, so get those classes done.We know with everybody’s schedule that you may have had to miss a few classes.


Jaymee and Maleficent are going to be holding some extra makeup classes, so that you can have a chance to Graduate in November.


If you still need a few classes to Graduate, and they are not on the calendar for this month, please send a note card to Jaymee Caproni or maleficent Farshore and let them know what you need


We are now accepting applications for the ARU Graduation! To submit applications for graduation please complete the following steps:

1.Be sure you have registered for the ARU Website (instructions on how to sign up is below)

2. Be sure you have attended all ARU classes and turned in notecards for attendance

3. Create a Notecard

4. Name the Notecard –Application For Graduation (Your Full SL name)


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