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Hello everyone tonight i want to talk about registering on the website. There is actually 2 registrations needed to have both support and access to the more fun parts of the website ( like groups and events and the photo albums). When you first visit http://amarettobreedables.com up at the top there is a sign in / sign up link if you have registered just click sign in and fill in your email and the password you chose or got assigned by the registration system. Otherwise select sign up and fill out the registration information ( the profile address was covered earlier in another post ). Once you submit this information within the next few mins ( less than 10 usually ) an email will have been sent with a random password and instructions on how to log-in then you can change this password and begin to customize your photos and other things. However due to the differences in the systems its currently not possible to link the website with the ticket system user system as they are completely different. to use the support system go to http://support.amarettobreedables.com once there find the button in the center of the page that says register ( if you are using IE and don’t see it try turning on compatibility view or using another browser). Registration is easy and i recommend since the system asks for more info than the website does putting your SL first and last ( resident if you don’t have one ) name as the first and last name for that and this in the phone number spot if it asks 555-555-5555 ( 😛 ) we don’t need any RL info and will never ask for it under any circumstance so please don’t share it with us 🙂 . once registered on both if you want you can make the emails and passwords for both match so that its easier to remember or you can keep them separate that’s up to you. If neither system sends you a registration email within 1 hour please try to re register if it says email in use please send a note card named like so “Amaretto (either website or ticket system here ) password issue” to tmzasz luminos in world we need your Sl name and the email address you used that gives the error in the note card.


I hope this helps everyone and makes things easier 🙂



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