Fishing Fun Recap

Happy Thursday everyone!  Hope you’re having a great breeding week!  The excitement is in the air for the arrival of the 23rd trait!  I for one can’t wait until the bundles start dropping.  While we’ve all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new bundles we took time out for a fun Fishing Tournament Event today over at Boomtown’s Fishing Dock.  These events are so much fun, what with the hilarious conversations we have while there to the really cute names of the things people catch with the 7 Seas Fishing Poles.  I would like to really encourage you to attend the events we have as they are lots of fun and sometimes informative!


Congrats to today’s winners were:

#1 FabryFlozZ72 Burt

#2 Jeter Seriman

#3 Tony Kingsford

#4 Hermione4Easterwood Resident

#5 RobbyDiggler Resident

Check out the pictures below from today’s event and see if you see anyone you know!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!


fish3 fish2 fish1


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