Feeding K-9s

Amaretto offers two types of food for the K-9s


1. Breedable Kibble & Water- This is the food you must use if you wish to breed your K-9’s.

2, Pet Kibble – you can use this type if you do not want to breed your K-9’s, or if the k-9 is retired. If you decide to breed your k-9 after feeding it Pet Food, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food for the effects of the Pet Food to wear off.

K-9 food

Breedable Food

k9 food3

Pet Food


1. Rez the food/water within your K-9’s set range. (a K-9’s default range is 5 meters)


2. Rez you food out near the home position area, and within the range area you set your K-9’s to.


3. Make sure that the food is set to the same group as your K-9’s..So often the food is in one group and the K-9 in another. The food is set to feed only those in the same group and before you know it you have sick K-9’s.


Food can be set to Group only, Owner only, or all.


1. Owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners K-9’s.


2. Group only: Will only be consumed by K-9’s in the same group as the food/water is set to.


3. All: Any K-9 within range of the food/water will be able to consume it.



Amaretto Ranch Breedables suggests that you have only 8 K-9’s to one breedable food and chew toy.


How much does a K-9 eat?


Here is a little chart you can remember as to how many breedable foods you can go through with x amount of K-9s


1 K-9 ~ 1 food/4 weeks

2 K-9s ~ 1 food/2 weeks

4 K-9s ~ 1 food/7 days

7 K-9s ~ 1 food/4 days

8 K-9s ~ 2 food/7 days

14 K-9s ~ 1 food/2 days

28 K-9s ~ 1 food/day

56 K-9s ~ 2 food/day

84 K-9s ~ 3 food/day

112 K-9s ~ 4 food/day


My K-9 is not eating!


If you see your K-9 is at say 10% hunger/thirst, it’s time to swing into action! First thing is to double check all the things mentioned above. If all of that looks correct, try picking your K-9 up into inventory and then rezzing it out again. Sometimes that’s all it takes. However sometimes your K-9 is not eating because there is no food available or within range. Be sure to double check that you have food out and it’s within range of your K-9s.


My K-9 is sick!


Your K-9 can and will eat itself out of sickness. It will take 3 days for your K-9 to do this


Food sizes


Amaretto Brand Breedable Kibble & Water comes in the following pack sizes


Single Pack

Four Pack

Six Pack

Jumbo Pack (25)

Mega Mix Pack (25 Breedable Kibble & 25 Chew Toys)

Colossal Pack (100)




Amaretto thought it would be a fun idea to release all the special foods that were for sale over the last 3 years! So the following items are now available again:


Amaretto Limited Edition- Caramel Apple Pack


Amaretto Limited Edition- Candy Corn Pack


Amaretto Limited Edition- Sweets Pack


Amaretto Limited Edition- Lovers Pack




Amaretto Brand Pet Kibble & Water comes in the following pack sizes


Single Pack

Four Pack

Six Pack




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