Happy Friday Everyone! Hope all is having a good breeding day!

I would like to touch on the subject of the ticket system and why we ask for you to send folders.

First let’s say those nasty rollbacks hit and now you have a duplicated horse. In order to get this fixed you will need to file a ticket on the Amaretto Support Site. If you have not signed up on the ticket system you will need to go here and register on this website.

We also have videos to help you file a ticket
You can go here to see a video for filing a ticket

Please submit your ticket and a CSR will respond as to what you need to do.
If you are asked to send in your Breedable please send your Amaretto Breedables in a folder with your NAME and TICKET NUMBER so the CSR will know whom the breedable belongs too! It is very important that you send your items in a properly labeled folder so that we are able to return them to you promptly.
After we have repaired your issue the CSR will return your Breedable to you in a folder named Amaretto Breedable(s) from (CSRs name) Repaired. If you have any further questions regarding the issue you filed a ticket for please communicate with the CSR using the ticket you have filed.
Until next week Happy Breeding!!


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