Breedable Spotlight

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I’m back after a week’s vacation, rested and refreshed and excited for this week’s Breedable Spotlight.

This week I am going to share what is one of my favorite Horse projects, my matching blue babies!  I am one of those breeders who love to tackle the difficult task of getting matching traits on certain horses. This is not as easy as it may sound when you factor in traits that you want to exclude from those project horses.

The blue projects I’m working on now are for both my Black Walkers and White Walkers.  As many of you already discovered if you mix the Wild Hair Mystique Fuchsia and the Hair Hue Teal you get what has become known as “True Blue”.  It is a very lovely shade of blue that matches perfectly with the blue socks, blue bridle and the Patriot wing.  The true blue hair looks beautiful on both the white and black horses alike.  The eye that I have chosen for this project is the Abyss eye but there are a few other blue eyes available that also look very nice on this combination.

While I don’t consider my special projects to be designer horses, it is fun to sit and look through the Amaretto Horse wiki at all the different traits available and pick which ones you personally would like to see on a horse.  These projects can be challenging depending on what you decide to work on but I can promise you that it is so much fun to finally accomplish what you set out to do!

The best resource you can have for deciding what project you would like to tackle is of course the Amaretto wiki were you can find all the available traits and pictures of what each looks like.


Since I have not accomplished my blue baby project as of yet I am including a few pictures below and you just have to imagine what the finished project is going to look like!

Until next week, Happy Breeding!


blue3 blue1 blue2


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