Amaretto 5.0 Food

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

This Friday I wanted to tell you about the Amaretto Food and Salt 5.0.

As many of you know Amaretto updated the 4.0 foods and salt to 5.0 with the new 5.0 horse update.

This food is basically the same as 4.0 except the 5.0 Food an Salt has a uuid now which means it can duplicate just like the other Amaretto Breedables do. If this happens to your food or salt all you have to do is file a ticket with transaction information.

The amount of food which horses eat:

1 horse ~ 1 food/4 weeks
2 horses ~ 1 food/2 weeks
4 horses ~ 1 food/7 days
7 horses ~ 1 food/4 days
8 horses ~ 2 food/7 days
14 horses ~ 1 food/2 days
28 horses ~ 1 food/day
56 horses ~ 2 food/day
84 horses ~ 3 food/day
112 horses ~ 4 food/day

The amount of salt two horses use is:
One Salt Lick last two horses two weeks
If your land is group owned be sure the food and horse is in the same group.

When you send in a retired horse for repair be sure to reset it back to pet food when it is returned to you as the basic setting on horse is breedable food.

Until next week Happy Breeding !



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