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October Events!!!

Wow, It’s October already! We have some awesome events planned for this month. Seeing that Halloween is coming we have planed some spooky and just plan fun events this month and we really hope that everyone will come out and have a great time with us!!! So to get things started:

October 9th at 3:00 pm (slt), Jaymee is hosting a Costume Paintball Event!! So get those costumes ready and come play with us!! If you missed the paintball last month,you missed out on lots of fun and laughter, so be sure to attend this one!!!

October 11th at 3:00 pm (slt) is the AMOC K-9 Show. These shows are really cool.

October 16th at 11:00 am (slt) Miss Karrie is hosting th Bull Riding Contest. This is loads of fun. Come on out and ride the bull!!!

October 24th at 2:00 pm (slt) Avalon is hosting a Community Meeting. Got questions, come on out. You never know what you might learn at these meetings!!!

October 25th at 3:00 pm is the AMOC 19th Race. Everyone loves the races!!!

October 29th, 30th and 31st is the Halloween Carnival hosted by Maleficent, We will have Halloween type music, dancing, Carnival Rides, Haunted Houses, Fireworks and more!!More details will be coming out later this month. This will be a lot of fun for 3 days in a row!!

October 31st AMOC Halloweenies Starts

october calander

So if you are looking to have a Spooky and fun October… Come join us at the events!!! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Until next time, have a great week!!!

Wow, can you believe it’s August already!! Next month Amaretto will be 4 years old!! Crazy how time flies! Today I am going to update you on all the fun and fantastic events Amaretto has planned for you this month and I will include the ARU calendar for this month also…

Going on now… August 1- August 3-AMOC BunKenNest Hunt

August 6 @ 3pm slt- Fishing hosted by Maleficent

August 9 @ 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show

August 15 @ 11am and 3pm slt- AMOC General meeting

August 20 @ 11am slt- Bull Riding hosted by Karrie

August 26 @4pm slt- Pirate Party hosted by Jaymee

August 29 @ 3pm slt- Community Meeting with the Amaretto Staff

August 30 @ 3pm slt- AMOC Race

SO Happy August, Happy breeding, and Happy School days!!

Until Next Time….







Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Since the graduation is over I wanted to talk to you about classes at the Amaretto University. Be sure to get started so you can be the next graduate! I would love to see you all in the classroom!
You will need to take all the classes to graduate. As of now there are 36! Amaretto has 3 classes a week one in the morning hours and one in the afternoon. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here is the landmark to the ARU

Amaretto also has the Amaretto Ranch University website that you can use to check and see what classes are given what classes you have taken. You must register for this website at the terminal in world located in the classroom.
Check out the ARU website here:

Below is a link to the ARU Calendar:

Until next week Happy Breeding !!







Hello everyone! Hope you are taking the time to enjoy your Sunday!

I wanted to take a minute to announce and remind everyone that Amaretto Ranch University Graduation is fast approaching!

We will be holding our Graduation Ceremony on June 27th @ 1:00 PM SLT!

I have spent this weekend sending out the caps and gowns to the following graduates:

souly Kleinfeld
Ray Hadisson
Blush Topaz
SeaPhantom Resident
Ashie Karu
Roe Milena
Izzy Coronet
Elaine Lectar
ZeleaC Resident
stolenmoments Resident
PropertyOfMasterViking Resident
NorthernLeaderViking Resident
Nikki Detritus
allensmith Resident
brook1uk Resident
Syndal Reanimator
lunargento Aquila
Selket Moonwall
stefane Klaber
bellaswun Resident
Artemisia Eternal
Spunke Slade
Sky Linnaeus
eLDiOsCronos Amaterasu
007 Luik
Dezzy Fairplay
Sid Kormann
Metz Oconnell


Our biggest graduating class yet! Boy, do we have some surprises for our graduates!

Their hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed!!! If you are on the Graduate list and did not receive your cap and gown please contact Avalon Crystal!

Also keep an eye out in world for the in-world invitation that I am sending out to everyone!


Please keep in mind that everyone is welcome to attend the ARU Graduation!

Wtg graduates! Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding my Amaretto Family!!!!

Happy May everyone! Each month we plan out some super fun events for you all to enjoy. It is a great way to meet other community members and have a good time. Check out the list of events we have for you for the month of May! It’s going to be a great month!

Thursday May 8th at 4pm slt- Springtime Fishing hosted by Jaymee Caproni

Saturday May 10th at 3pm slt- AMOC Dog Show

Thursday May 15th at 11am slt- Sock Hop hosted by Karrie Woyseck

Friday May 16th at 11am and 3pm slt- AMOC General Meeting

Friday May 23rd at 3pm slt- Toga Party hosted by Maleficent Farshore

Wednesday May 28th at 4pm slt- Club Amaretto Saturday

May 31 at 3pm slt- AMOC Horse Race


Also don’t forget about ARU! We have a graduation coming up in June so if you need a few classes before then, be sure to check our class schedule!


Happy Breeding everyone and Happy springtime!

Until Next time…..

Hello everyone and Terrific Tuesday! Is it really April already!?! Where has the time gone?! Well let me tell you… we have some awesome and fun filled events planned this month! Let me fill you in on all the happenings this month…

Wednesday April 2nd @ 12pm slt- The women of Amaretto will be locked up! All in the spirit of a good cause and fun we are locking up the women of Amaretto and we need you guys to post bail! All proceeds from this lock up will go to the RFL vendor! The lock up will take place at Boomtown on April 2nd @ 12 PM SLT!

Tuesday April 8 th @ 3pm slt- It’s fishing time again! Everyone loves our fishing events and this month Miss Mall will be hosting it! It’s going to be quite a catch! Don’t miss out!

Thursday April 17th @ 4pm slt- It’s a spring time breedable costume contest and Jaymee will be hosting this one! Get those breedables together and start planning out your spring themed displays for them! These costume contests are always a huge hit and lots of fun!

Friday April 18th @ 11am and 3pm slt- The monthly General AMOC meetings! If you have not yet heard about AMOC contact a member of the staff for more information! It is an amazing group and so much fun to be a part of.

Sunday April 20th– HAPPY EASTER!!

Thursday April 24th @ 11am slt- YeeeHawww! It’s bull riding again with Miss Karrie! Come on out and check out this event. Let’s see who can stay on that bull for the longest!

Saturday April 26th @ 3pm slt- And away they goooooo! It’s the monthly AMOC horse races! These races are so much fun! For more information contact Mami Deerhunter, Snookiegirl Resident, or Zev Luv.

Also be sure to check out April’s ARU calendar and get those classes in!

Happy breeding and event going!!!

Until next time…..



Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Can you believe it is already March!?! This year is going way too fast but let’s make the best out of it! We have some awesome and fun filled events planned this month! Let me fill you in on all the happenings this month…

Tuesday March 4 @ 4pm slt – A Mardi Gras Party hosted by Jaymee Caproni and special guest DJ wolfy Destiny will be spinning the tunes for us!

Tuesday March 11 @ 3pm slt – It’s a St Patrick’s day bash you don’t want to miss! Miss Maleficent Farshore will be hosting this shindig so you know it will be super fun!

Thursday March 20 @ 11am slt – Miss Dakota Delicioso will be hosting an 80’s arcade event! Now you know how fun Dakota is, so don’t miss out on the good times!

Friday March 21 @ 5pm slt  – It’s Answers with Ava time! Come join us as the one and only Avalon Crystal interviews some great folks from the Amaretto community.

Saturday March 22 @ 3pm slt – And away they go!! It’s the awesome and fun AMOC horse races! These are always filled with laughs and good times! Don’t miss out!

And last but not least….

Thursday March 27 @ 11am slt – Get out those fishing poles because it is time for a fishing contest hosted by the ever so sweet Miss Karrie Woyseck!

I have included the calendar of the March events below. I also have attached a copy of the ARU March class schedule. Be sure to attend class and get them all completed! marcheventMarch

Until Next time……. Happy breeding!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope you’re all having a good breeding day!

Today I wanted to talk to you today about the Amaretto Museum located on the ARU sim. Yes I know this is where we have classes, but did you know we also have many of the older and newer breedables in the Amaretto Museum. They are on display if you would like to visit and see them.
The University sim itself is beautiful but the Museum is so much fun to walk thru and remember back to all the different Amaretto Horses that have been released since September 2010 when Amaretto took the grid by storm! If that’s not enough to take in please don’t forget to walk around the K-9 and Barnyard Bird areas, you’re sure to find some cute breedables there too!
I like to go to the Museum and look at all the Amaretto Horses there and then go out into the community and look around. It’s fun to see just what you guys have done with the traits to make each of the horses look so unique and fun! It’s also great to see the way the different coats look with various traits.
So take the time to go check out the Amaretto Museum then go walk around the Breedable markets and let your imagination run wild!

Happy Breeding Everyone!

Museum horses1_001

Museum horses1a_001

Museum horses1ab_001

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to let you all know about some new additions to Amaretto University. ARU wants to keep things fresh and exciting so we have added a total of 4 new classes! These are very informative and interesting classes. The Classes offered at ARU are going strong since the last graduation. A lot of the community is attending in order to be a part of the next graduating class. We would love to see more attend the classes each week. We have classes at ARU on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we have them at 9am and 5pm slt to give you more of a chance to fit them into your schedule. We also offer time at the end of each class for you to ask any questions you might have about whatever we cover in class that day! It’s a great way to get the answers to some of those questions you may have. If you complete all the classes we offer you will be eligible to graduate in the next graduation ceremony next spring. So be sure to check the class schedule below and come attend the classes!


Happy learning and breeding!!

Until next time!!!!

Happy New Year!! For my first blog of 2014 I wanted to share the new January calendars with you all.


Be sure to check out the Amaretto Ranch University calendar carefully as we have added some new classes! We have a new class on Reasons to File a Ticket and classes on the History of each of our breedables, the horses, K9s and Barnyard Birds.


The January Events calendar is jam packed with fun events this month! AMOC is going to kick things off with a New Years Party at 4pm slt on the 6th. At the end of the month will be the AMOC Race which is always a fun time! We have Ice Skating and a Frat Party at ARU this month that should be lots of fun. “Answers with Ava” is back this month and I’m sure Avalon has some wonderful guests lined up for the New Year!
So be sure to keep the Amaretto calendars handy each month and join us for all the fun! Until next week, Happy Breeding!