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Protect Yourself!!!

Hey guys its very frustrating for Amaretto to learn about copybotters   and stolen horses and all of the things that will ruin the fun for everyone.   So just yet another reminder, a few things you can do to protect yourself and your horses.

  • Don’t buy/sell horses to avatars that are only one day old.
  • Always set prices of your horses in your inventory.
  • Don’t buy horses from random people iming you.
  • Always check the creator of the horse. It should always without exception be JJ Cerna or Ancient Biscuit.
  • NEVER i mean never buy a duplicated horse or a horse that you haven’t seen rezzed in secondlife.

Amaretto can not be there to help you at every horse sale nor can we refund you if you buy a copybotted horse or a duplicated horse. You have to protect yourself against these people in secondlife, if you do fall victim to one of these scams the best thing to do is file a abuse report them to linden labs.

Please be responsible and protect yourself, its sad that this even has to be a connection.  But you guys have to be proactive and protect yourself against such scams and report all scammers to linden labs with a abuse report.

Happy breeding everyone until  next monday!!!

Horse Thieves in the digital age and how to protect yourself and your horses.

This is a MUST read as we at Amaretto Ranch Breedables have been forced to make a POLICY CHANGE.

First for ALL HORSE BREEDERS that wish to sell horses:

Following these steps will help cut down on the current rash of stolen horses.

If someone contacts you and is interested in purchasing a horse that is not already marked for sale please use the following steps to protect your horse and yourself.

If you wish to sell the horse…Please take the horse to a private area and NEVER set the horse for sale in front of the interested party that wishes to purchase the horse. ALWAYS either set the horse with your sale price in a private area or take the horse into your inventory and mark it for sale via right clicking the horse and choosing  the properties, set the price your desire to sell the horse for, click the For Sale box and than rezz the horse.

Again we must stress NEVER mark a horse for sale in front of the interested buyer.

Secondly we would like to start by giving some advice on how to identify when BUYING a stolen horse!

Most breeders and horse buyers know how much a horse is worth and what they are willing to pay for it.
If you have someone approach you with a very rare horse (charmed for example sake) and they want a REALLY low price for it…or lower than average price that you have seen….chances are it is a stolen horse. You will now need to take these actions to Linden Lab.
( Amaretto will no longer be involved in these types of disputes).

So Please when buying horses stick with the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is”.

We have had a rash of horses being stolen over the past several days. Amaretto has always wanted to protect the community however we can no longer keep replacing stolen horses.

You are responsible for the sales of your horse. You are responsible for setting your horse for sale in a safe manner so that it can not be stolen.

So as of today Thursday July 7th 2011 Amaretto Ranch Breedables will NO LONGER REPLACE STOLEN HORSES.

Although we feel terrible that anyone would have property stolen, we have offered you ways to keep your horses safe and protected and your sale to happen without conflict.

We hope you heed our advice as we do not want to keep seeing stolen horses. You have the power to protect yourself.

We appreciate your understanding of our new Policy Change.

Have a great day and be safe in your sales endeavors!
The Amaretto Team~

Hello Amaretto Ranch Breedables Community!

It is that time of year when the residents of Second Life come together to Rally and Relay for the fight against Cancer. Benefiting the American Cancer Society, The Relay For Life in Second Life has grown each year for the past 7 years.

Amaretto Ranch Breedables has been moved and touched by the responses from the Amaretto community in past fundraisers for great causes. Amaretto is honored and proud to join this fight against cancer with all of the Second Life residents and we invite you to join us!

We are happy to announce the Amaretto Breedables Relay for Life Seasons of Hope Horses are now available!
From July 6th to the end of the Relay for Life on July 17th at 10am you may purchase these horses!
List of Location can be found in world, please see group notices for landmarks.

Please follow the progress of this amazing fundraiser at the following link!
Look for Team Amaretto Ranch Breedables!

Click HERE for Team Totals!


Haven Horse Eagle Spirit has soared into the Haven Vendors!  We have added this new Haven Horse to all the Horse Haven vendors for purchase with your Horse Haven points. The Haven Horse Eagle Spirit is different from the Memorable Haven Horse not only in appearance but also in that they may possibly have the different mane and tail traits (Normal, Long, Upright, Upright Long & Braided). These also have the ability to pass the mane and tail traits! The coats and eyes will NOT pass. Like the Memorable Haven Horse, the Haven Horse Eagle Spirit can also slightly increase your odds of getting a Charmed Horse!  This new Haven Horse is in addition to the Memorable Haven Horse and we will not be removing either from the vendor anytime soon!!

Available at the Amaretto Store Locations & the Horse Haven Sim!!


Bundles !!!

If there is any interference (with Second Life , the Amaretto Server, lag etc.) when the mare goes to drop her bundle she will go into recovery but the bundle will not automatically drop. The mare will try to contact the server again and if all the conditions are favorable the bundle will then drop. Depending on the issues stated this may take some time so just be patient.

Let the mother horse stay where she is until it drops. If for some reason a good bundle does not drop, file a ticket and include the mothers UUID.

If you get a bundle that says Mother had second bundle in three days, and the mother has also had a good bundle, you can just delete the bad one without filing a ticket. If the mother didn’t have a good bundle then again, file a ticket with the mothers UUID number listed on it.

Hope this helps a little, and may all your bundles be good ones !

As you all know we launched new starters last week and that time is nearing when the first bundles will begin to drop and new traits will begin to appear. Today you got the news about just one of the many surprizes in store! A Red Painted Clydesdale was born on the grid today!
Tonight we want to give some helpful tips about getting to those traits just a bit more quickly while saving your L doing it! When you send you beloved horses to Haven although parting is sweet sorrow it can also bring Happiness and Fervor!
When you birth a bundle you can begin to add consumables right away…so by the time the baby is 7 and ready to start breeding it can be at 100% fervor! This saves time!

Once a horse  is pregnant you can also give the consumables so when it has come out of recovery it can be at 100% fervor and ready to mate once again.
How can you accomplish this without spending too much L? Haven Points! By trading in your not so great  bundles and horses that you are not so pleased with you gain Haven Points that can be traded in at the Haven vendors for many things including consumables.
One Amaretto Cocktail and One Amaretto Passion Pill can add a total of 15% fervor per day! That can add up quick!
So when you want to get to that bundle quickly get to the Haven Vendor and use those points for a lot of Happiness and Fervor!
Happy Breeding Everyone! May the Charmed and Traits be with you 🙂