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I normally like to keep it fresh and not talk on something that I’ve already talked on before but in this week’s connection… …I’m going to have to revisit the importance of knowing the parent information for your bundles. Why? This week Second Life has been especially unkind to us with rollbacks and a full on grid melt down for several hours…

Great fun huh? But with so much fun comes some upsets… Mother’s dropping bundles with funny text, duplicate bundles, bundles not connecting and the list goes on with mishaps. However seems my last connection was missed by a few as we have seen many tickets lacking the parental information and in some cases people just aren’t sure so we are unable to return healthy-viable bundles.

It is important that we get the parent information in your tickets for issues with bundles! We really can’t stress it enough!

Sometimes perhaps you might see in the description line of the bundle/kennel something like this:
:Bundle key nonexistent in database111125:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:197.39.22:0:0:0:0:V1.0:0:0

So you log on to the support site and file a ticket to have us fix the issue. One of the first things an Amaretto staff person is going to ask is:

Hello can you please provide the parental information for the Horse(s)/Bundle(s) such as UUID or name?

This is because through one or both of the parents we can find the necessary information in order to fix the issue and send back the bundle/kennel in question.

It’s important that as soon as you see there is a problem with a bundle/kennel that you take down the parent information. This way you have it on hand when you’re asked for it. It will avoid the “I’m sorry I’m unable to further assist you”.

If you’re not the owner of the parents then you can always ask the person that sold you the bundle/kennel for the parent information.

Two things I’d like to STRESS again are…

1) Always name your breedables as this helps us track down some information if you’re unable to provide a UUID
And lastly

2) I can’t stress enough how important it is to know the parents of your bundles/kennels.

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter N and the Number 12

Hello all…. I am going to go over all information about the Forever Foal and Perpetual Puppy certificates that are now now available for retired Amaretto Breedable horses and K9s ….. Below is a list of important need to knows….

**ONE  Forever Foal Gift Certificate per ONE Horse**   **ONE  Perpetual Puppy Gift Certificate per ONE K9**

The Forever Foal/Perpetual Puppy makes the Retired horse/K9 so that it will not require food any more.

All other normal functions for a RETIRED horse/K9 will still operate normally.

Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired.

This ONLY works for Retired horses/K9s

(Retired Horse= a horse that is 120 days old or greater  Retired K9= a K9 that is 126 days old or greater )

Can be used for both male and female Retired horses/K9s.

**The Forever Foal and Perpetual Puppy Certificates will be sold in all Amaretto Store locations**

Although the certificates are transferable, they MUST be turned in by the PURCHASER ONLY. The reason this is a requirement is because every certificate is checked against our transaction data base. Once a certificate is redeemed by the PURCHASER it is marked as Redeemed and becomes void. The reason we have the certificate as transferable is so the purchaser may pass the certificate to Jaymee Caproni for redemption. Again, please remember, the certificates CAN NOT be purchased and transferred to another avatar for redemption. I will not be able to redeem the certificate, and it will be returned.


After purchase of the Forever Foal/Perpetual Puppy

Please place the Certificate AND the Retired horse/K9 you wish to be your Pet in a folder named “Forever Foal <your sl name>” for horses and “Perpetual Puppy <your sl name>” for K9s

Send the folder to Jaymee Caproni. (MEEEEE )

I will work my magic and return the horse/K9 to you in a folder named “Forever Foal from Jaymee Caproni” for horses or “Perpetual Puppy from Jaymee Caproni” for K9s

PLEASE follow these instructions so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Also, please remember….

The Forever Foal/Perpetual Puppy is an OPTION….

If you do not want to purchase it, Don’t. You can continue to feed your retired horses/K9s pet food

That option has not changed.

I hope this has cleared up some questions… until next time

Until Next time …………

Barnyard Beta 1.0 released

The birds have flown the coop! We are ready for you Beta testers to put these Barnyard Birds to the test! Please, please, please, read the notecard inside the attached Beta 1.0 pack for all the information regarding the Barnyard Birds and what you should be testing. Remember to report all bugs, issues or suggestions by filing a ticket on the support site under Beta Bugs! Thank you all for your help in Beta testing!

Heya Everyone!!!

Today I would like to mention just a few things to everyone… Valentine horses and k9’s only have a little over 24 hours left on sale 🙂 These wonderful LE and SE’s Would be a great addition to anyones collection and they also make great gifts… The sale for these ends Feb 15th at midnight so hurry on down and get yours today 🙂

Also I would like to let everyone know that a new charmed horse has hit the grid today 🙂 Here is a link to the story Jaymee wrote for those who have not read it yet pls do so she did a wonderful job on it…

Happy Valentines Day Amaretto Community!!!

Coat: Charmed Inferno Demon
Eye: Sinister Blaze

Hey everyone!! Well another Monday has approached us hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Lots of exciting things been happening at Amaretto. Just a quick reminder that the Valentines limited edition horses and special edition k9’s are still for sale. Go pick up yours today if you haven’t already! Also dont forget that Mrs. Karrie is hosting the fervor ball tomm night a formal event for all you guys and gals to attend!

I wanted to take a few minutes to revisit a issue that Ive seen a few times lately, I have gotten a few tickets about horses being misshaped. If this happens to you dont freak out! You dont even have to file a ticket there is a easy fix you can do your self. All you have to do is turn movement on and the horse will correct itself, once its fixed you can turn movement back off.

Also another thing to be aware of, is kennels with sunrise or sunset being born you will have to file a ticket on these, if you do not want to birth them you can hold on to the them until you are ready and we will fix them at that time.

I hope that i have saved a few of you some time and confusion! I hope everyone is has a good week and happy breeding!

Hello everyone today I would like to talk about what to do if your Valentines Day K-9 becomes deformed or starts saying arbitrary numbers in chat. We have corrected the issue that caused this but in order to fix this issue in your K-9 that has done this you need to file a ticket on it.( K-9s bark not speak numbers 😛 )below this post is an example picture of the deformity that can happen if your K-9 is affected. Symptoms include Floating ears and your K-9 has a urge to spam a random arbitrary number into local. So if your K-9’s have these symptoms please file a ticket at and they will send them back to you as good as new


Some Important Advise

First, it is important to talk about purchases made from Amaretto.


When you first purchase your new starters or any special LE’sor SE’s from Amaretto, It is very Important that once you birth them, give them a name. This will help us to find any horses/k-9’s that maybe didn’t birth properly for you. It is really almost impossible to find your horses/ k-9’s when they are all named Amaretto breedable horse/ K-9. Please remember to try and name all of your horses and k-9’s something different. If you have to, use numbers in the name.


Also your transaction history is very Important Everytime you buy or sell items, or even give items to someone, or get items from some one, even if it is for 0L a transaction history is made.


When you send a ticket about duplicated or lost items that you have recently purchased, we may be asking for a transaction history to verify your purchase or exchange, if it becomes necessary. To speed up the answer to your ticket, please include this when you file.


Your transaction history also helps in knowing when and how much foods and consummables that you purchased that may have dissappeared or not rezzed properly.


You ask, Where do I find my transaction history? The answer is simple, at the top of your screen you will see the word WORLD, left click, then left click on account history, and find your transaction. Then copy that and paste onto your ticket.


Name ALL your Horses/K-9s, Bundles and Kennels:


Second Life has many lag issues, that can cause duplication of breedables, disappearance of breedables, or incomplete transfer of breedables. Having your breedable named can be very helpful especially when SL eats you Horse or K-9. We need information to remake your breedable. What we need is the Name of breedable and/or UUID number. If you leave you horse or K-9 as Amaretto Breedable Horse or Amaretto Breedable K-9 it can make it harder to find and sometimes impossible. The same goes for kennels and bundles


We can only replace, remake your item if we have the information, so please take the time to name all your breedables.


Names can be as simple as using a number. It will also help you keep track and know when you are missing a horse or K-9. example (White Walker Female, White Walker Female 2, White Walker Female 3)or for bundles and kennels BW/Gar/LL/DblGloom, BWGar/LL DBLGloom 2


When you get a bundle or kennel and you decide not to birth it, name it before you take it into your inventory. Lets say a few weeks down the road you decide to birth that bundle, and the horse stays white and doesn’t birth. or you go to rez it out and it dissapears.You probably dont remember who the parents of the bundle were, but if you have named the bundle and paid attention to the bundle name before you clicked birth, you now have some information to give us that can help in finding out about that bundle. Again try and make the names different, even by using a number. You can start naming your bundles/kennels by starting with a number and then naming the bundles in the next number order (1 BW/Gar/LL/BblGloom, 2 BW/Gar/LL/DblGloom, Etc)


Please understand that we know how frustrating it is when something goes wrong, but if you follow these simple things, it will make it more easier to fix them and get everything back like it should be.

It’s that time of the week again where you join me for a short bit. I’ve come to enjoy our Friday’s together and hope you enjoy them too! It’s with a heavy heart that I must announce that some of our lovable K-9s are reaching that age (some already well passed) where sadly they must retire from our breeding programs. We must make heavy choices “should we send these little guys on to Puppy Paradise or do we keep them as pets”.

*Hands out tissues to anyone needed*

To help you with that BIG choice we have created the “Perpetual Puppy”. This is a perfect option for your Spayed/Neutered K-9s that have served you well during the course of their breeding life. The Perpetual Puppy makes a Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer require food. Of course ALL other functions for a Spayed/Neutered K-9 will still operate normally. Hover text will read Pet. It’s important to know (cause we don’t want to turn any good breeding K-9 into a Pet prematurely) that the “Perpetual Puppy” will only work on Spayed/Neutered K-9s
(over 126 days old) and can be used on either a male or female K-9

**One Perpetual Puppy Gift Certificate per K-9**
**The Perpetual Puppy Certificate will be sold in all Amaretto K-9 Store Locations**
**Only works for Spayed/Neutered K-9s that are greater than 120 days old**
**Can be used on either males or females that are Spayed/Neutered**
**Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired**
**Makes the Spayed/Neutered K-9 no longer require food any more.
All other normal functions for a Spayed/Neutered K-9 will still operate normally***

*Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired*


After purchase of the Perpetual Puppy, please place the Certificate in a folder named
“Perpetual Puppy <your sl name>” with the Spayed/Neutered K-9 you wish to be your Perpetual Puppy and send to Jaymee Caproni. Jaymee will work some pretty awesome magic and return your K-9 to you in a folder named “Perpetual Puppy from Jaymee Caproni”

***PLEASE follow these instructions so that the process goes as smoothly as possible.***

The Perpetual Puppy is an OPTION…. If you do not want to purchase it, don’t. You can continue to feed your Spayed/Neutered K-9s pet food as this option has not changed.

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter M and the Number 11

It was a dark and grim night. A thick black mist crept threw the land that had been taken over by the Charmed Demon horses. This dense haze had been sent down from the Amaretto Gods with one intention, to forever banish the Charmed Demon horses!

This had all came to be days before. The word around this dreary land was that the Lord of the Charmed Demon horses had evil plans to take over and rule forever. For the longest time their devious scheme had gone unknown to the Amaretto Gods. However, betrayal is a wicked thing. The Lord of the Demons had broken promises to the wrong civilian.  This villager, who no longer had much to lose, went under the cover of darkness to the Gods and let them know of the Lord’s intentions. The decision was then made to send this deadly murk through the land. The last of the Charmed Demon horses to be exiled was the Lord of the Demon Horses. As he struggled to fight his inevitable fate, his voice was heard shouting an unforgettable message. It’s a message that is said to be heard amongst the gusting winds and is louder than ever on the cold chilly nights. “You take us down now! Forget the Demons not, for we will be avenged!” Even though these bone chilling words still echo through the minds of the Amaretto Gods, they believed their land was forevermore free of this evil. Until ….

Many years had come and past, but this year the seasons were unusually harsh.  During the winter the ground was covered with ice and the crops had succumbed to the frost. Famine had overtaken the entire village. Many nights the air was so cold some did not survive. The Amaretto Gods knew this was not normal. Rumors had begun to flood the village. Was this the revenge of the Lord of the Demon horses? The Amaretto Gods had ignored such rumors for some time. It wasn’t until after the abnormally harsh winter had past and the summer came with a vengeance. The summer heat was unbearable. The scorching sun beat down on the village. What crops had survived the bitter cold winter were drying up and shriveling into nothing. Many of the village folk were becoming ill. Dehydration took the lives of many. The Amaretto Gods knew this was not an act of nature. They feared the worse. They knew they would soon be faced with a horrible force.

One somber night a noise could be heard in the distance. It was a deafening creaking sound, the sound of freezing sleet. The villagers all rushed to the streets only to stand and watch in cursed astonishment. The town sirens were sounded.  The Amaretto Gods scurried to see what the uproar was about, only to see a thick blanket of ice crawling toward the village. The Gods tried everything within their powers to stop the ice but nothing could stop it. Then … to the amazement of the Gods and the villagers, the creeping frozen glaze had come to a halt. There was an eerie silence that fell upon the land. As they stood and stared in fright, a crashing rumble was heard in the distant skies. A wave of terror quickly swept through the land again. Chaos broke out as everyone scattered to find shelter. As the booming sound was heard once more, there was a blinding glow coming from the horizon. A blaze was now rushing toward the village. The blanket of ice started to melt and quickly started to boil. The scalding liquid flowed through the streets taking down everything in its path. The Amaretto Gods were helpless. They could do nothing more than watch in shear horror as the entire village was destroyed. Once again a deathly calm had come over the ravaged land. The Gods then dropped to the ground clutching their ears. What was this ear-piercing sound? As they slowly looked up, a thick smoke had manifested before them. They could see two shadows emerging from the haze. The Gods rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Could this be? The demons were banished from the land. The Gods could then hear two distinct voices chanting. A bone chilling voice was heard repeating “You thought you took us down…” as another blazing voice echoed “Forget the Demons not, for we HAVE been avenged!”

Amaretto Fervor Ball

Hello all! I feel the love in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches.

To celebrate, Amaretto will be having a Valentine’s Day Fervor Ball on Tuesday February 14th at 3 pm.

The ball is going to be formal and it would go great with the Valentine theme if you could wear pink, white, or red.

Our very own DJ Avalon will be spinning the sexy love songs!

So, come on down with your loved one or come solo and mingle with the singles! Don’t forget February 14th at 3 pm! Hope to see you there!