Happy Wednesday everyone!  We’ve had a few changes take place at the Ranch so I thought I would use my blog this week to remind everyone who’s who at Amaretto Ranch!


Ranch Owners/Creators of Amaretto Ranch Breedables:

Josaphine Cooperstone

Jaysin Cooperstone


The avatars that you will purchase Amaretto Ranch Breedables items from are:

JJ Cerna – Amaretto Horses

Ancient Biscuit – Amaretto K-9s

Mazelina Menna – Amaretto Barnyard Birds


The following avatars are your Amaretto Ranch Staff:


General Manager/Script Wrangler

Richie Carami


Assistant Manager

Jaymee Caproni


Executive Secretary

Dakota Delicioso


CSR/Production Designer/Web Support

Avalon Crystal


CSR/Communication Wranglers

Karrie Woyseck

Maleficent Farshore


Script Wrangler

RigelNoir Resident


Graphics Wranglers

Chronic Stoneage

Nashville Cortes


And hopefully you are all familiar with the bold text of the Group moderators who are in each of the Official Amaretto Ranch Breedables Groups to assist us in answering your questions, these avatars are:

Anaconda Carter

Diamond Holiday

Draco Carpaccio

Lisabella Lane

Marv Sideshow

Trinityskye Zarco


If you are not a member of the main Amaretto Ranch Breedables group in world, I encourage you to go to any Amaretto Ranch store and touch the group joiner board and join today! You can always find great conversation, answers to your questions and more often than not receive hugs from our resident pixie! So be sure to join today!!

Until next time, Happy Breeding everyone!


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