YAY IT’s Friday!!!!!!!!! Just want to remind you of our Birthday party/Celebration!! So please read this connection and see what’s “in the stars”.
As many of you know we have a couple of major milestones coming up for Amaretto Ranch Breedables. On August 22, 2012 the Amaretto K-9s will have been on the grid for one year! On September 1, 2012 our Amaretto Horses will have been a Second life staple for 2 whole years now!!
So in typical Amaretto fashion we have some “out of this world” surprises lined up! The first surprise we have lined up is that we are actually going to tell you what a couple of the surprises are!
Beginning on August 20th and ending on August 24th any kennel that drops from your Amaretto K-9s has the chance at being an Amaretto 1st Birthday K-9! These will be random and can come from any breeding combination of K-9s!
Beginning on August 28th and ending on September 1st any bundle that drops from your Amaretto Horses has the chance at being an Amaretto 2nd Birthday Horse! These will be random and can come from any breeding combination!
There will be a combination Birthday party/Celebration for both the K-9s and the Horses on September 1st. We will have a day full of concerts, performers and giveaways that will last from 9am slt to 5pm slt! We will be announcing full details for the “star studded” event soon and as usual don’t worry you will not need to be present in order to win any of the prizes! As I said we will be releasing full details of the Amaretto Celebration 2012 very soon so don’t “space out” mark your calendars for September 1st and help us celebrate!
Hope to see you all there and good luck getting those Birthday Horses & K-9s!


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