Hello my Amaretto family and faithful breeding community! I hope all you guys are enjoying the Anniversary k9s that came out this week and look forward to the Anniversary Horses that will be coming this next week! But now for a bit more exciting news!

We have had several tickets filled as well and im’s and suggestions on the matter of Myslhorses and Myslk9s.

Well we at Amaretto are proud to let our community know that we are currently in the final phases of taking these websites over.

We realize that our community utilizes these tools and we have plans for a total update of theses websites!



So the new Myslhorses and MyslK-9s  renewal boards are now out at most of our locations again and we will be providing full support for them. So if you have a issue please log in to the Amaretto Support Site.

I want to encourage all of you who use these tools to continue to use them and that if you haven’t that you give them a try. It is an awesome resource at keep your breeding stock organized and linage easy accessible. So lots of changes in the future coming for Myslhorses and Myslk9s powered by Amaretto!


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