Hello everyone today I would like to briefly cover where you can find the AMOC minutes as taken in-world from the monthly AMOC meetings. Also briefly describe what AMOC is and why it can benefit you.

Ok first things first AMOC stands for Amaretto Market Owners Coalition. and was created to try and help both the market owners and the breeders come together and discuss prominent issues to help the secondary market out. Anybody can join you just have to contact an Amaretto Staff member to get the invite. The meetings are held monthly as determined by the AMOC officers and the group chat is always open for talk. Each month the chat of the meeting ( I like to call them “the minutes”) are always uploaded here:


so look back through the meetings and you can get a general idea of what gets discussed at the meetings. AMOC can work for you and can provide a place where market owners and the breeders can work together and suggest  improvements and ideas that they can do to help the secondary market. I hope to see many more of you at these meetings 🙂 Till next time this is Tmzasz signing off.


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