Thank You! Auction for Hope Recap!

Hello everyone! It’s me again here to bug you on your terrible Tuesday!

Despite the Secondlife roll backs I hope that you guys are having a great day!

I wanted to take some time and recap the Auction for Hope!
We had several donations and bidders!

All of you guys made it a great success so a big pat on the back to the community!

The winner of the Amaretto OOAK 100 Years of Hope Zebra was marloesss lesnie congrats Marloesss!!

A grand total raised from the Auction and the Raffle horse was
2,250,200 lindens! Wtg guys I am always amazed that our community comes together in such a big way to help out a good cause!

I want to take the time out to say a big THANK YOU to all the breeders that donated, everyone who made a purchase, and all the Amaretto staff for making it possible!
If you were not able to participate in the auction don’t worry Relay For Life weekend is right around the corner there is still time to donate!

Our team total is L$ 2,526,994 which is $ 10,108 USD!!!


Well this is Ava over and out hope you all have a wonderful day and Happy Breeding!


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