Graduation is coming! Thats right guys we are having another ARU graduation on November 13 at 1 PM SLT!
If you are missing fewer than 2 classes please contact a staff member so we can get you your classes and you can graduate!

Below is a list of the following people that will be graduates:

Lilac Demonia
Snookie (snookiegirl)
Ruby Valerik
Truly Coy
Jeykob Moyet
STAR MOONLIGHT…. (starellandmoonlight)
Ŧяαиκı (franncess)
Meisha Verstandig
StarshineAdores Resident
Petr Vanbeeck
Bryan Carlucci
Angie Jacobus

If you have put in your application for graduation and your name is not on the list please contact Avalon Crystal!



ARU Hall_001

Also don’t forget to take those pictures and enter the picture of the week contest! Your photo could be chosen and shared along with a really great prize from JJ Cerna!

I am also looking for some old breeders that have been breeding since Amaretto started, if you participated in the first beta and have been breeding ever since please drop Avalon Crystal a notecard!!

I hope you all enjoy a lazy sunday and get that special Bundle, Nest, or Kennel you have been waiting for!
This is Ava over and out, Happy Breeding everyone!!


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