Hey guys its a wonderful Tuesday! I hope you are enjoying your day, I am very excited to share some news with all of you!

In years past Amaretto has hosted, auctions for Relay For Life and this year will be no different.

I am very happy to announce our 4th Auction for Relay For Life!!!
The Journey of Promise Auction will be on May 2, 2014 at 11 AM SLT.


That’s right I have been sharpening my auctions skills and I am ready for round 4! But I need your help, Amaretto will be donating items as in years prior, however I will be accepting donations from the community. This auction will be held at Nest Egg.


If you would like to donate please contact Avalon Crystal for instructions.
I will be announcing more details in the future so keep your eyes open!

We will also be setting up a proxy system so that despite the time you will be able to participate and bid even if you are not able to attend.

Like last year I will stream the auction so if you are unable to make it on sim you can still listen. This is something that I have enjoyed doing in the past so with your help I know we can make this Journey of Promise Auction the best yet!!

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal.
This is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding Everyone!


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