Hey everyone! Have you heard? No?!
Well Amaretto is hosting another Auction to raise funds for Relay for Life!!!

We are very proud to announce the Journey of Promise Auction! Some of you may have noticed that the OOAK’s this year just sailed in to the main store!

Im so excited to tell you about them! The following horses will be raffled off at the end of the auction. Thats right I said RAFFLED! We have decided to change it up this year to give everyone a chance at one of these OOAK’s as well as donate to a wonderful cause! Entries for the raffle will be 400L$ for one entry or 1600 L$ for five entries!
The raffle will begin today on April 26 and run until the end of the Auction on May 2,2014.

Get your entries today at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Chinchilla%20Isle/42/141/23

You do not have to be present to win!
You can donate for a chance to win as many times as you want!
Winners will be announced at the end of auction!
Look at these super cool horses!

Amaretto OOAK NidhoggRaffle2

Amaretto OOAK Nidhogg
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Nidhogg
Eye: The Great Eye
Mane: Serpentine
Tail: Serpentine

Amaretto OOAK HeiptirRaffle3

Amaretto OOAK Heiptir
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Heiptir
Eye: Underworld
Mane: Limar
Tail: Limar


Amaretto OOAK Greyfell
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Greyfell
Eye: Runic
Mane: Mjolnir
Tail: Gungnir


Not to disappoint our bidders we will still auction off a OOAK horse! This ones a super cutie and will be up for bid at the Journey of Promise auction!

Amaretto OOAK Rainbow Butterfly Shetland
Version 4.0
Age 7
Gender male
Coat: Amaretto OOAK Rainbow Butterfly Shetland
Eye: Wings of Awareness
Mane: Long
Tail: Long

******The above horses can NOT pass their coat! The eyes do have the ability to pass! These horses also have some hidden surprises!***** 

Remember that to bid on horses at the auction you must be a member of the Auctions for a Cure group! Join the group by going to the main store and clicking the join group sign on the Journey of Promise Auction sign.

If you will not be able to attend the auction and need a proxy to bid for you please contact Avalon Crystal ASAP so I can get a proxy assigned!

All proceeds raised will go to Relay For Life!! 100%!
If you have questions about the Auction, Raffle, or Donating please contact Avalon Crystal!

Good luck everyone! Happy Bidding everyone, lets raise some money for RFL!!!!


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