Hello and Happy November!! Can you believe 2014 is coming to an end?! Time sure does fly when you are having fun!! And we sure have some fun stuff planned for you all this month!! Below is a list of events along with the November Events and ARU calendars!

November 6th at 4pm slt: Fall Ball hosted by Jaymee Caproni

November 8th at 3pm slt: 7th AMOC Dog Show

November 12th at 3pm slt: Fishing Fun hosted by Maleficent Farshore

November 15th- November 23rd: Toys For Tots Expo

November 20th at 4pm slt: The Amaretto Community Meeting with the Amaretto Staff

November 21st at 11am and 3 pm slt: AMOC General Meetings

November 26th at 11am slt: Ice Skating hosted by Karrie Woyseck

November 27th: THANKSGIVING!

November 29th at 3pm slt: AMOC Horse Race

Be sure to come out to the Amaretto events for a lot of fun, laughter, and good times! And who knows… you may win a prize or two! 😉




And dont forget about Amaretto Ranch University… we offer horse, K9, and Barnyard Bird classes! Attend them all to be a part of the next ARU graduation!



Happy Breeding and Happy Fall Yall!!

Until next time…..






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