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Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all have had a good breeding week!
Today I would like to tell you about the new Nulls that came out with the 2013 Halloween Limited Editions and Special Edition!

A Null trait is an “invisible trait” or a placeholder. These placeholders were implemented as a way to allow the breeder to have a maximum traited breedable, but still look the way they want it to look.

The following Nulls were reveled in the offspring of the Halloween Limited Edition Horses:

Leg Null – Holds the place of socks and hoofs
Wing Null – Holds the place of WIngs
Ear Size Null – Holds the place of Lanky or Scanty
Ear Style Null- Holds the place of Droop, Half Droop Left, and Half Droop Right
Racing null – Holds the place of racing Stamina
Racing null – Holds the place of racing Speed


Amaretto has added null traits to the K-9 ‘s, these also came from the Halloween Special Edition K-9s.
These nulls are:

Ear Size Null – Holds the place of Small or Large Ears
Size Null – Holds the place of Runt or Pick
Nose Null – Holds the place of Black Spotted Nose, Pale Nose, Liver Spotted Nose, and Liver Nose
Tail Null – Holds the place of Long or Short tail
Polish Null – Holds the place of Paw Polish
Radiance Null – Holds the place of High or Low Radiance
Sheen Null – Holds the place of High or Low Sheen
Tint Null – Holds the place of Periwinkle, Lilac, Mint, Rose, Sunset, and Sunrise
So keep your eye out for all of these nulls showing up around the grid!
Remember the null traits are just like any other traits and pass the same way.

Happy Breeding!

Birds Birds and more Birds

Today I would like to take a moment to remind you of how amazing the Amaretto Barnyard Birds are! These birds are not only the cutest little things they also produce some very pretty birds. I wanted to show you 2 of the newer breeds, the Ancona and the Blue Andalusian in the blog today, but be sure to check the bird wiki for all the amazing breeds that Amaretto has to offer.

AnconaHen AnconaRooster

BlueAndalusian1 BlueAndalusian2

With the 2013 Fall Collectors Editions many were lucky enough to discover the new beak and leg color that they were hiding. The Granite beak and leg traits gave even more combinations to breed for now!

GraniteLegs GraniteBeakColor

The 2013 Halloween “Frankenbirds” have the ability to pass their very cool Unhallowed eye and also had some surprises hiding! The new shades Slime, Pumpkin and Panic were hiding inside these awesome birds! Now can’t you just picture those amazing birds with these pretty colors on them!

ShadePanic Pumpkin ShadeSlime

I’m very excited to see what the community does with all the trait combinations now available in the Barnyard Birds! Be sure to take pictures of favorite birds and enter the Picture of the Week contest, and let the entire community see how amazing the Barnyard Birds really are!!

Until next time, Happy Breeding!

Graduation !!!

Today was a very special day for our newly graduated students from A.R.U. We had 13 students Graduate today.! You all did great, congratulations to each and everyone of you. The ceremony was awesome and each Grad received a Certificate and a bundle. This Graduation Horse also has hidden surprises. An awesome party was held after the ceremony , with dancing, a sploder, and lots of trivia questions, with a lot of awesome prizes given to those who answered first and correctly.


Taking classes at A.R.U. is so beneficial, with all the knowledge that you can learn about Amaretto Breedables, products and Web site. The Graduates today completed 35 different classes and I am sure they learned a lot of helpful things by taking these classes. Even if you have been a breeder for a long time, you can still learn new things. I hope to see al lot of people in the upcoming classes, they are very informative and fun… and remember that for the next Graduation, it could be you standing there getting your diploma and wearing that Black and Orange Gown that says you now have completed your studies at A.R.U. !!!!!!


Below is a list of the names that Graduated today and some photos of the event, and a picture of the special horse.!!!!


Lilac Demonia

Snookie (snookiegirl)

Ruby Valerik

Truly Coy

Jeykob Moyet

STAR MOONLIGHT…. (starellandmoonlight)

Ŧяαиκı (franncess)

Meisha Verstandig

StarshineAdores Resident

Petr Vanbeeck

Bryan Carlucci

Angie Jacobus

Master Idol (idol001)

 c937_de80 (1)




Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Ranch University~ __Classes Now Available_



Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Ranch University~ __Classes Now Available_.png111




I’ll see YOU in the next class!!!!!!

The Duntiques Have Hit The Grid!!

At the end of October we announced that we had a new twist coming to you all each month!! The Amaretto Twist! The Amaretto Twist will consist each month of 2 different breeds that you must breed together in order to discover the “twist coat”. So all the fun started this month with the Duntique!! From November 5th 2013 until December 5th 2013 you can breed any color of Dun and any color of Mystique together and you have the chance of discovering a brand new coat designed especially for the Twist called Duntique! These beauties have hit the grid and they are absolutely gorgeous! And as if that wasn’t cool enough… the eyes AND coats can pass from the Twist horses!! The Duntiques have 6 different color coats available which are the Duntique Indicolite, Duntique Citrine, Duntique Erinite, Duntique Tanzanite, Duntique Siam, and Duntique Fuchsia. I have included a picture of these beautiful horses!


So get to breeding those Duns and Mystiques together to get an Amaretto Twist Duntique horse!!

Until next time…. Happy Amaretto Twist Breeding….

Just Flew In!!!

Hello my breeding family I hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday with your breedables and family!!

So I’ve been seeing lots of excitement in the group about what the Halloween Limited Edition Horses have been handing out as surprises!

Well I have seen 3 new wings posted in the group and I wanted to share them all with you!

Presenting to you the Grim, Bittersweet, and Bloody wing!

BittersweetWings GrimWings BloodyWing

These wings are very cool and I can’t wait to see what kind of trendsetters and projects breeders will add these too.

All of these wings came from breeding Limited Edition Halloween Horses with any other horse, you do not have to breed them with each other.

I have also added these to the wiki for you guys:

Please remember to enter this weeks pic of the week. Just snap a photo of your favorite Amaretto breedable and drop it in a note card throw the nc into the camera at the main store. Every Wednesday I pick a winner and share the photo with the entire community and give you a special gift from JJ! So get those pics in.

This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding Everyone!!!

Amaretto Horse Hud

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope everyone has had a good breeding week!

Today I would like to talk to you about the Amaretto Horse Hud.
First off you will need to get a new horse HUD by clicking on an updated 4.0 horse or at any Amaretto Stores for the 4.0 horses.

Please remember you can only connect to one horse at a time.
Also, you can only wear one HUD at a time.

When you are done all you need to do is disconnect the horse from the HUD by pressing the disconnect button on the HUD.
Now how to use this HUD you will need to attach HUD then attach horse, connect horse to HUD by pressing connect button in the main menu of the HUD. Now you are all set to do whatever you would like with your horse using the HUD.

Now you decide to train your horse.
First you will need to click on the training mode on the racing menu. You will then need to select speed or stamina from the drop down menu.
To start moving the horse you would need to use the arrow keys or use w a s d keys.
Now you are training your horse, you gain XP only while you are moving your horse.
You will need to click the training again in the racing menu to exit the training.
Also training will stop automatic when the horse has reached its daily limit based on its stamina class.
You can only train your horse once in every 24 hours.

Speed = The Sprinting speed of a horse.
Speed is ranked using the following Class system:
S = 3x Avie Run Speed (ARS) {Highest Possible Class} 50 minutes of training time
A = 2.5x ARS 45 minutes of training time
B = 2x ARS 40 minutes of training time
C = 1.5x ARS 35 minutes of training time
D = ARS {Lowest Possible Class} 30 minutes of training time
Class D is where horses start
Classes S, A, B, C, and D are trainable and passable

Stamina = The amount of time a horse can sprint without recharging. Stamina is ranked using the following Class system:
S = 50s of sprinting and 50 minutes of training time
A = 45s of sprinting and 45 minutes of training time
B = 40s of sprinting and 40 minutes of training time
C = 35s of sprinting and 35 minutes of training time
D = 30s of sprinting and 30 minutes of training time
Class D is where horses start
Classes S, A, B, C, and D are trainable and passable
XP is gained through training your horse in a given field (speed or stamina) to move from one class to the next you must train from 0% to 100% in the current Class of that field.
XP Gains as follows:
Class D gains XP @ .5% per minute of training
Class C gains XP @ .4% per minute of training
Class B Gains XP @ .3% per minute of training
Class A Gains XP @ .1% per minute of training
Class D is where horses start
Classes S, A, B, C, and D are trainable and passable

Here is more information about the hud an training.

Until next week Happy Breeding!!

Happy Thursday Everyone! It’s hard to believe we are already a week into November and this year is nearly gone. Each month we have been doing a new Awareness eye and this month’s eye is the Diabetes Awareness eye. The Diabetes Awareness eye is a random drop for the month of November and it can come from breeding any two horses. This eye does have the ability to pass so be sure to add it to your collection of all the Awareness eyes!


Also a reminder that the Answers with Ava show is taking place tomorrow November 8, 2013 at Boomtown at 3pm slt. She always has some great guests lined up so be sure to mark your calendars and we look forward to seeing you out at the show on Friday!
Until next time, Happy Breeding!

Fishing Today and what’s next

There is nothing more relaxing than being on a pier and watching the water, while you are listening to some great tunes. If you missed the Fall Fishing Contest, you missed out on a fun and relaxing event. Dakota played the tunes and they were really great. Lots of fishing and chatting went on and everyone had a great time. Congrats go out to the winners!


The winners were:


1st Brii Moonwall, with a score of 97 points

Starter pack of each Amaretto Breedable


2nd : starrlina Lionheart

1 Jumbo Pack of breedable food and salt licks/chew toys/orange rinds(your choice)



3rd Lilevil Flux

1 Six pack breedable food (your choice)


4th Shawndra Magic

1 Six pack Salt licks/chew toys/orange rinds (Your choice)


5th Elaine Lectar

1 5% pregnancy booster (your choice)



Below are a few pictures of todays event.





Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (56, 1.png2



Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Boomtown~ , Amaretto Ranch Boomtown (56, 1

Now you don’t want to miss Answer’s with Ava this Friday, November 8th at 3:00 pm (slt). She plans on having a General discussion about Breeding, so make plans to join

Let’s Keep Those Pups Happy!

Did you know that you can raise your K9’s happiness and have fun at the same time? That’s right; while a K-9 is attached to the K9 HUD they receive a boost in Happiness! Today I am going to cover the K9 HUD for you and teach you how to use it. To get a HUD is just a few short button clicks away. To get a HUD simply click your K9 and from the menu select HELP, then you click the HUD button and a K9 HUD will be sent directly to your Objects folder in your inventory.


The buttons on the K9 HUD are as follows:
•    Connect – This button lets you chose what K-9 you want to interact with
•    Disconnect – This button disconnects the current K-9 from the HUD
•    Follow – the K-9 will follow your avatar
•    Come – The K-9 will walk to your avatar and then sit near you
•    Stay – This will cause the K-9 to sit and stay in its current location
•    Get Ball – This button will send a ball to your objects folder for use with the Fetch button
•    Fetch – This button needs to be activated before you can throw the ball and have your K-9 go get it for you.

The K9 HUD also displays very useful information such as:
•    Which K-9 is connected to the HUD
•    Which feature of the HUD is currently in use, Fetch, Come, Stay, and Follow.

It is very easy to use the K-9 HUD. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:
•    Wear the HUD – It will attach to your screen in the upper left corner
•    Touch the K-9 you want to interact with and chose HUD from the Blue Menu
•    Touch the Connect button on the HUD – It will confirm in local which K-9 is connected to the HUD
•    Now you can choose to have your K-9 do one of the activities listed on the HUD; Come, Stay, Follow.

Now it is time to have some fun with you K9. Let go over how to play fetch with them using the K9 HUD:
•    Click the Get Ball button – This will send a ball to your objects
•    Wear the Ball – it will attach to your hand
•    Click Ball to set range for the distance at which the ball will be thrown. You can chose from 20, 40, 60, or 100 meters.
•    Click the Fetch button on your HUD
•    You will see the mouse look button at the bottom of your screen click that to go into mouse look
•    Aim where you want to throw the ball and left click your mouse to throw the ball
•    Your K-9 will run and retrieve the ball and bring it back to you as you will see it back in your hand and you can throw it again and again while your K-9 retrieves it for you.

Now once you are done interacting with your K-9 via the HUD or you want to play with a different K-9 click the Disconnect button. This will disconnect your K-9 from the HUD and reset Home position where the K-9 is located at the time it disconnects. One thing I want to stress is that when you are done using the HUD with your K9; remember to move your K-9 back within range of its kibble and water and be sure to reset its home position.

You see, it is as easy as that to have fun and keep your K9 happy! So get those K9 HUDs on and plays with your puppies!

Until next time…. Happy breeding and playing with your K9! Ohhh, and be sure to keep yours eyes and ears open for some exciting news coming soon! *wink wink*

Graduation is coming! Thats right guys we are having another ARU graduation on November 13 at 1 PM SLT!
If you are missing fewer than 2 classes please contact a staff member so we can get you your classes and you can graduate!

Below is a list of the following people that will be graduates:

Lilac Demonia
Snookie (snookiegirl)
Ruby Valerik
Truly Coy
Jeykob Moyet
STAR MOONLIGHT…. (starellandmoonlight)
Ŧяαиκı (franncess)
Meisha Verstandig
StarshineAdores Resident
Petr Vanbeeck
Bryan Carlucci
Angie Jacobus

If you have put in your application for graduation and your name is not on the list please contact Avalon Crystal!



ARU Hall_001

Also don’t forget to take those pictures and enter the picture of the week contest! Your photo could be chosen and shared along with a really great prize from JJ Cerna!

I am also looking for some old breeders that have been breeding since Amaretto started, if you participated in the first beta and have been breeding ever since please drop Avalon Crystal a notecard!!

I hope you all enjoy a lazy sunday and get that special Bundle, Nest, or Kennel you have been waiting for!
This is Ava over and out, Happy Breeding everyone!!