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Consumable Cocktails

This week my consumable is the cocktail.
The cocktails raise everything by 5% plus decrease hunger and thirst by 5% .
This stat booster  can only be used on a horse once every 24 hour period .

1. Open boxed Cocktail  and rez next to the horse you wish to give it to.

2. Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find cocktails  from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the horses stats have been updated the cocktail  will disappear.
See you next week with another consumable 🙂

Todays blog is just to clarify some info that some have been asking about in the group the question and the answer are simple really

Are Buckskins Traits?

The answer is really simple they are not traits every Buckskin are starter horses  they are not traits….

Also again I will note this in my blog some people have been saying there food and salt licks are going alot faster but there is no issues with the food or salt licks I am going

to add some math in here to help people figure out how much food they should be using.

1 food will last 1 horse 1 month lets say you have 200 horses well in that case it would be 200 food a month

so lets see how many a day you should use

200 foods divided by 30 days 6.7 so add that up you will be using 7 foods a day

Ask Ava!!

Hey everyone its Monday! And its time for the first installment of Ask Ava!! Our question today comes from Shanay Darwin. (hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her LOL)
Shanay writes: “I have a question about Albinos breeding to their siblings.   We had an Albino that gave us a second generation Albino, but it gave us the same eye.   Is it possible to get a different eye from an Albino that is breeding with a sibling?  or will it only give an Albino with the same eye?”
Well Shanay, anytime an Albino is born from two siblings it can have any Albino eye. It just happens to be chance that you got the same eye two times. Anytime you breed two horses from the same parents you have the chance to have an Albino with any eye.  Guess you were just lucky!

Well sorry this post is so short the weather is not cooperating with me tonight and I wanted to be sure and  get this up. But keep your questions coming.  I will sort through them and pick one each Monday to answer! Happy breeding everyone as always I appreciate all the wonderful passionate breeders we have in Amaretto! Peace out!

Common Issues & fixes

Lets talk about server issues and what you should do when they happen, or you think they might be happening.

Server Issue Indicators:
When you go to click on a bundle and dont get its stats,
If you see a bundle that says waiting to connect to server
If you are trying to birth a bundle and the little white horse says please wait.

The server can be down or just slow. First thing to do is leave everything alone. Most of the time the server will catch up and the horse will finish birthing, the bundle will connect, and the stats box will come back. Please be patient when this happens and dont take items into inventory, or keep trying to birth bundles.

SL lag, grid issues and roll backs, seem to be regular happenings. They can cause duplications, missing items, and alot of statue horses,(non movable items).

You will need to file a ticket on missing items and duplications. On missing horses , please include the name of the horse and the UUID number if you have it.

If you have a Statue horse that can’t be picked up

1. Try a sim restart…
If this does not work….
2. Right click the horse/bundle.
3. Select “wear” from the pie menu.
4. After the horse/bundle is attached, detach the horse from your inventory.
5. If it does not detach, right click it and it should detach.

Horses not dropping their bundle

If there is any interference (with Second Life , the Amaretto Server, lag etc.) when the mare goes to drop her bundle she will go into recovery but the bundle will not automatically drop. The mare will try to contact the server again and if all the conditions are favorable the bundle will then drop. Depending on the issues stated this may take some time so just be patient.

Pretty Little Ponies!!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful day. I thought i would take a few moments to mention one of the new riding animations that are in all the Shetlands. We know most of our customers are adult avatars, and we didn’t want you guys and gals to look funny riding our small ponies.

To use this animation all you do:

1. Attach your Shetland

2. Click the horse, then riding, then animation, and choose Shetland 2

3.You will have to adjust the height of the horse, you click the horse, riding, then height adjustment

4. You will want to choose the option height -1, do this until your happy with the height and you will be ready to ride!!!

I wish you all a great start on your weekends and happy breeding!! Until next time…………

This week my comsumable is the Passion Pill .
This one time use pill will increase one of your horses fervor by 10%.
You can still give  a horse under 7 a passion pill and it will gain fervor which is 10%.
This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period
1. Open boxed Passion Pills and rez next to the horse you wish to increase the energy.

2. Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find Passion Pills from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the horses stats have been updated the Passion Pills bottle will disappear
See you next week with another consumable .

All About Fervor

Hello all!  Today I want to talk about horses gaining fervor.

We have had a few tickets coming in with people saying their horse is not gaining fervor. This could be due to a few factors :

1. Is the horse age 7?
2. Is the horse above 75% happy?
3. Is the horse on breedable food?

The horse does have to be age 7 to gain fervor.

The happiness level does effect fervor as well because if the horse is not 75% happiness it will NOT gain fervor. Also if the happiness falls bellow 75% it will stop gaining fervor. We have heard alot of people think that once a

horse reaches 75% happiness they will gain fervor even if it falls below it later. This is not the case it has to stay above 75% happiness to keep gaining fervor.

Another thing is the horses do have to have breedable food to gain fervor.

If you start a horse out on pet food it will have to eat breeder food for 7 days before it will be able to start gaining.

Riding a horse as well as salt licks will help ensure your horse gets above 75% happiness and builds fervor.

Remember before filing a ticket about your horses not gaining fervor be sure to check the info listed above to make sure all conditions are favorable for fervor to be building.

Amaretto Breedable Horse Fans Raise $82,000 USD for Japan Relief

The online community of Second Life rallies in support of relief efforts by Americares ©Binghamton, New York, April 3, 2011: The Second Life Community opened both hearts and pockets to support fundraising efforts to aid Americares© in administrating disaster relief supports for the crises in Japan following the earth quake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

Two limited edition horses designed and distributed by Amaretto Breedables were made available for avid collectors and equine enthusiasts in the virtual world of Second Life.   The detailed and interactive horses are popular with hobbyists who can enjoy the care and maintenance of the online pets as well as experimentation with breeding of the pets for creative results and new highly coveted and rare colorations.  The limited edition “Sakura Japanese Blossom” horses were designed specifically for fundraising in response to humanitarian needs in Japan.  There will be no further release of the design.

“The community raised a grand total of $82,264.30 USD and the heartfelt comments in group chat was rewarding.”  said Panacea Luminos/Christina Galanis of Southern Tier HealthLink who oversees the fundraising activities and provides administrative support.

“AmeriCares is grateful to the Second Life community for its compassion and generosity in helping the people of Japan,” said AmeriCares Senior Vice President of Development Carolyn O’Brien. “Thanks to great supporters like Second Life, AmeriCares is delivering medicines, medical supplies and critical relief to hospitals and evacuation centers in the impact zone. Second Life’s dedication allows AmeriCares to help survivors in desperate need recover from this devastating tragedy.”

“Second Life™ is a thriving global online community engaged in collaborative three dimensional social networking for education, entertainment, healthcare and information services. The community is compassionate in their response to fundraising activities for charities and worthwhile causes and we’d like to acknowledge the generosity of the Second Life community” Said Panacea Luminos/Christina Galanis  who is the avatar that directs the activities of the NYHealthScape Sims in SecondLife.


About Amaretto Breedables

Amaretto Breedables is an organization in Second Life (SL), the virtual world available through the internet. It was created by a group of people who thought it would be amazing to have breedable and rideable horses in SL. The site was launched in September 2010 and the Amaretto Horses have been received with great enthusiasm by the SL breedable community. Horses are purchased by SL collectors and bred for their unique traits, with funds periodically donated to Real World charity. For more information, go to more information regarding the collectible and limited edition Amaretto horses please visit:
About STHL (Southern Tier HealthLink/NYHealthScape in SL.

STHL is a non-profit organization designed as a partnership which brings together healthcare providers and consumers in Central New York to “connect the dots” with technology that will improve health care quality, access and safety while reducing costs. One of STHL’s primary roles as a HIE is to bring together consumers, health care providers and facilities to improve health care quality, access, and safety; and to reduce overall associated costs by advancing health information technology. Because Second Life offers a low cost and far reaching opportunity to engage the health care consumer in a hands-on and compelling new setting, STHL has begun to tap its potential as an education and communication tool to help meet the community outreach goals of STHL’s mission, including interacting with a Personal Health Record and Health Information Exchange. ( more information contact Christina Galanis at 607.651.9150 or

About Americares

AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs – and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs – for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion. Our emergency response teams deliver urgently needed relief to survivors of natural and manmade disasters both globally and domestically. They provide medicines, hospital supplies, bottled water and water purification treatments, nutritional supplements and other critically needed aid.For more information on Americares please visit:

Hidden Traits

Question: Do starter horses have one or two hidden coats?

Each horse has a visible set of traits , and a hidden Sub set of traits. Lets take these for example

Coat: Silver Palomino
Eye: Violet
Mane: Normal
Tail: Normal

Lets say his sub traits are
Coat: Black Andalusian
Eye: Yellow
Mane: Long
Tail: Normal
Coat Gleam High
Coat Luster Low
Hair Luster Low
Coat Gloom

Coat: Black Buckskin
Eye: Midnight blue
Mane: Normal
Tail: Normal

Lets say her sub traits are
Coat: silver Pinto
Eye: Violet
Mane: Braided
Tail: upright
Coat Luster High
Hair Luster Low
Hair Chill

If you mate them you could have a possible of

Coat: Silver Palomino, Black Andalusian, Black Buckskin, or silver Pinto
Eye: Violet, Yellow, Midnight Blue
Mane: Normal, Long, Braided
Tail: Normal, Upright
Coat Gleam Nothing, High
Coat Luster Nothing, Low
Hair Gleam Nothing
Hair Luster Nothing, Low
Coat Nothing ,Gloom
Hair Nothing, Chill

I hope this helps you understand more on how your pair of White Walkers can have a Mustang, as the traits sometimes stay hidden for awhile.

Do Grandparents traits count toward genes ?

Grandparents traits will only count if they were passed to their offspring, and the offspring passes them to their off spring.



I would like to explain to the community how much nicer it is for the Team to come to work each day since Jaymee wrote her blog about getting along. I do not think people realize or remember that each of us on the Team are real people with real feelings. When we receive private messages and notecards, when we read forum posts and group chat where people are being really mean and nasty it can be very upsetting. Myself and the rest of the Team understand completely that you in the community have real money invested in this product, what I would like you all to know is this… So do we. We, just like you, love these horses and want nothing more than everyone to have a great breeding experience. In fact if you were to go and look on the Amaretto Website that was the exact reason that Josaphine and Jaysin started Amaretto Breedable. To emphasis this point to everyone in the community  I was thinking it would be nice for the community to get to know the people behind the avatars, to let you know a little about the Real people on the Amaretto Team that work so hard every day to try and make sure you have an enjoyable breedable experience. After reading this you may decide, much like I have, that calling ourselves the Amaretto Team is really not an accurate description. We should henceforth be known as Your Amaretto Family!

Our Owners/Creators, Josaphine & Jaysin Cooperstone

Josie & Jaysin are a real life couple! They are engaged to be married and share a home in California with Josie’s kids, 3 spoiled rotten dogs and 2 snobby cats.  Before Second Life Josie was a nurse in RL and Jaysin worked in Heating & Air Conditioning.

The CSR’s,  Jaymee – Maleficent – Tmzasz – Karrie – Richie – Avalon – Dakota

Jaymee Caproni is Josaphine’s RL sister!  Not only are they sisters in real life, but I can say from countless hours spent with these two ladies they are indeed best friends.  Jaymee lives a few houses down from Josie and Jaysin with 4 of THE most entertaining children I have ever met. Jaymee was also a nurse in RL before SL.

Now the mother’s in the family.  I would like to say that these two women keep the rest of us in line, but I refuse to lie. LOL We have to keep our eye on these two at all times!

Maleficent Farshore lives in Virginia with her RL son Tmzasz Luminos.  She enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners ….oh wait that was suppose to go in her personal ad.  She is an office manager during the day and CSR extraordinaire by night! Tm as many of you know is the Webmaster for Amaretto, as well as a CSR.  Prior to SL he worked as an electrician before leaving that to pursue being a full time computer geek!

Karrie Woyseck just happens to be MY real life mom!  She lives in South Carolina with my dad where I grew up. Besides me, her favorite and only daughter, she has 2 other headaches, I mean I have 2 brothers.  Before SL Karrie worked in retail.

Richie Carami our big city country boy! Richie moved to New York from Kentucky and New York hasn’t sounded the same since! Before SL Richie was a Stage Hand setting up for many of the top acts in the entertainment industry.

Our little Ava. Avalon Crystal might technically be Richie and Jaymee’s daughter in Second Life but she’s been adopted by everyone on the Team. Ava lives in Georgia and before SL was a Customer Service Manager ….hey I bet that’s why she’s everyone’s favorite CSR!

Then there’s me, Dakota.  I live in Indiana with my husband and kids. Before SL I was an office worker, working as a Secretary and in Accounting.

So there you have it, a little real life information about each of us.  I hope that makes it easier to remember your Amaretto Family are humans, and we are trying our best to make this wonderful world of Amaretto Breedables an enjoyable experience for you all.