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There has been a lot of chatter lately about something that Amaretto addressed a long time ago, but I feel the need to revisit the topic again to clear up any rumors that are floating about.  Many people have been talking about the fact that some of the RFL horses are missing the Horse9 sculpt.  We have said from the start that this does not affect anything with the horses ability to produce Charmed.  The RFLs have parented Charmed and do have the ability to produced Charmed horses just like any other horse.  These horses are missing a sculpt but not the ability to produce certain horses.  I would hope this will ease any concerns and put all rumors “out to pasture”.  I would also like to remind everyone that taking the horses apart and removing scripts and sculpts from inside the horses is against the Amaretto Terms of Use and will not be tolerated.  So let’s all enjoy our horses in one piece and stay far away from that awful rumor mill!

When You File a Ticket !

Lets talk abour filing tickets
1. When you file a ticket about a horse not rezzing after  birthing it, please  have parent information handy  and add it to the ticket . This will save time an get your horse back quickly.
2. When filing a duplicate horse ticket you just purchased please have transaction information  added in the ticket .
3. When filing a missing horse/bundle  ticket have all the information you can about the horse /bundle as UUID or name  if needed parent information .
4. When filing a ticket for a  bundle  Please have parent information for that bundle .
5. When filing a ticket on not recieveing food …salt …….etc be sure to add  transaction history for your purchase .

When doing this your ticket will be answered in a timely matter 🙂 Have a great week !


Hey everyone well its a new week here at Amaretto! It came to my attention yesterday after watching the group I thought I should revisit the horse shoe that is inside the horse.

The horseshoe is there for one reason it is to preload the animations that all amaretto horses have. Every horse has the same horseshoe, one is not any better than another, there is no secret or special meaning behind the horseshoe.

If you have a horseshoe over your horses head all you need to change your horses setting to physical, it will disappear.

Color is also another myth sometimes the horseshoe may be rainbow color looking other times it may be Grey but don’t worry any color horseshoe does the same thing.

I heard a lot of rumors yesterday and just wanted to put all of them to rest. The horse shoe has nothing to do with breeding, connecting to the server, or version of your horse.

I have included a picture so you know what i am talking about 🙂

Well until next Monday, happy breeding everyone!!

Fervor and Happiness

I have seen some tickets lately that have been about fervor not rising. Your horses fervor will only rise if your horse is awake and above 75% happiness. Now there are many ways to increase the happiness of your horse, for starters riding is one of the ways you can increase the happiness just ride your horse some if he or she seems to be unhappy and not gaining happiness ( they have to be age 7 though before you can ride them). Another way you can raise the happiness is with salt licks, rezzing out a salt lick with your food will make your horses happier. Also you have several consumables at your disposal to help raise the happiness level some. Sugar cubes when used give your horse a 15% increase to the happiness ( they really like sugar but who dosent ) though you can only give this consumable to them once in a 24 hour period. The second consumable you can give them directly increases the fervor of the horse by 10% and that’s the passion pills again only one every 24 hours can be given. The third consumable that effects happiness also effects all the other stats of the horse and that’s the Amaretto Cocktail! This wonderful little concoction is just what your horse wants to feel happy and ready to start producing bundles by raising energy,happiness, and fervor by 5% and decreasing hunger and thirst by 5% ensuring that your horse can stay up late with his favorite mare! Note that again this consumable can only be given once every 24 hours. Happiness does naturally go down while the horse is sleeping but will come back up while its awake. Sometimes for whatever reason you may have a stubborn horse that dosent want to get happy or its fervor go up once its happy ( fervor can only rise once its age 7 ) if this happens just submit a ticket and send that horse on in so we can give it a checkup ( re-rezzing sometimes also fixes this ). I hope this has helped you with why your horses don’t seem to be increasing in fervor at times.

More Horse Jokes

How many horses does it take to change a light bulb?…

Any foal: The sun is shining, the day is young, we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us and you’re inside worrying about a stupid burned-out light bulb?

Shetland pony: I can’t reach the stupid lamp.

Appaloosa: No, don’t change it. If it’s dark, maybe no one will see me raiding the feed room.

Andalusian: Let the maid do it. I need to go roll in the mud.

Clydesdale: Och, and ye’ll just be usin’ up the ‘lectricity, ye’ will, better tae use a wee bit of candle…better yet tae not waste either and just gae tae sleep when the sun gaes doon. Electiricity is verra dear.

Tennessee Walker: (Hiccup) You’re doing it all wrong (hiccup)! You have to use all four feet!

Mustang: Lightbulb? Let’s go on a trail ride, instead. And camp. Out in the open like REAL horses.

Cleveland Bay: I’m busy. Make the whipper-in and the hounds do it.

Paint: Put all the lightbulbs in a pen, tell me which one you want, and my owner will bet you twenty bucks I can get it before the quarter horse.

The world’s most incredibly lazy man found a magic lamp.
He rubbed it and a genie appeared and granted him three wishes.
He wished for a horse, a sumo wrestler and a squirrel.
“They’re yours, but what are they for?” the genie asked.
“I’m tired of walking everywhere — I want to just ride the horse. The sumo wrestler is so that I won’t have to work to get on the horse.”
“But the squirrel?” asked the genie.
“I need something to go ‘click-click’ to start the horse!!!”

Subject: ATTN: New Virus!!!!
This is a warning!

Please be aware that there is a new version of an old virus circulating called “Horse_Crazy_11.” Upon receiving this virus your computer will automatically create new system files that will detect when you are online and download pictures of horses to your hard drive. It will replace your current wallpaper with horse pictures, fill up your online bookmarks/favorites menu with Horsemall links and change your sound scheme to “barn noises.” It will automatically create a biological agent and place it in your barn…Requiring you to constently check for new bundles.

There is no proven time table for this virus. Symptoms could appear at any time upon its reception. Once it has installed the biological agent in your barn – it cannot be removed. REPEAT… THIS VIRUS CANNOT BE REMOVED!!

It is insidious and clever – it will work its way into your sentiments and you will never be able to get rid of it…

Our Owners/Creators, Josaphine & Jaysin Cooperstone

Josie & Jaysin are a real life couple! They are engaged to be married and share a home in California with Josie’s kids, 3 spoiled rotten dogs and 2 snobby cats.  Before Second Life Josie was a nurse in RL and Jaysin worked in Heating & Air Conditioning.

The CSR’s,  Jaymee – Maleficent – Tmzasz – Karrie – Richie – Avalon – Dakota

Jaymee Caproni is Josaphine’s RL sister!  Not only are they sisters in real life, but I can say from countless hours spent with these two ladies they are indeed best friends.  Jaymee lives a few houses down from Josie and Jaysin with 4 of THE most entertaining children I have ever met. Jaymee was also a nurse in RL before SL.

Now the mother’s in the family.  I would like to say that these two women keep the rest of us in line, but I refuse to lie. LOL We have to keep our eye on these two at all times!

Maleficent Farshore lives in Virginia with her RL son Tmzasz Luminos.  She enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners ….oh wait that was suppose to go in her personal ad.  She is an office manager during the day and CSR extraordinaire by night! Tm as many of you know is the Webmaster for Amaretto, as well as a CSR.  Prior to SL he worked as an electrician before leaving that to pursue being a full time computer geek!

Karrie Woyseck just happens to be MY real life mom!  She lives in South Carolina with my dad where I grew up. Besides me, her favorite and only daughter, she has 2 other headaches, I mean I have 2 brothers.  Before SL Karrie worked in retail.

Richie Carami our big city country boy! Richie moved to New York from Kentucky and New York hasn’t sounded the same since! Before SL Richie was a Stage Hand setting up for many of the top acts in the entertainment industry.

Our little Ava. Avalon Crystal might technically be Richie and Jaymee’s daughter in Second Life but she’s been adopted by everyone on the Team. Ava lives in Georgia and before SL was a Customer Service Manager ….hey I bet that’s why she’s everyone’s favorite CSR!

Then there’s me, Dakota.  I live in Indiana with my husband and kids. Before SL I was an office worker, working as a Secretary and in Accounting.

Marketing, Tasia Tonic

Tasia has been active in Second Life since 2005 and is the owner/creator of The Tastery.  If you have been married in Second Life or even been to a wedding in here you have probably seen one of her amazing wedding cakes.  Tasia in Real Life has been involved with Internet Marketing for the past 15 years. During her years as a senior Business Development Consultant, her team was awarded a Mercury 100 title as “the fastest growing technology firm in northern Colorado”.  She enjoys seeking out new marketing avenues and has many new ideas that will be quite exciting for Amaretto. For the rest of us this means a continued growth for Amaretto Breedables as she brings her real life experience into Second Life and pursues exciting new avenues to keep Amaretto Breedables fresh and exciting.

So there you have it, a little real life information about each of us.  I hope that makes it easier to remember your Amaretto Family are humans, and we are trying our best to make this wonderful world of Amaretto Breedables an enjoyable experience for you all.

Jaymee Covers All Consumables

Happy Thursday Amaretto Breeders!!!!
There are a wide variety off consumables for the Amaretto horses, today I am going to cover each one and let you all know what they do for your horses.

First and foremost…. Food…. there are 2 different types of food.
Breeder Food:
Breeder Food is for horses you wish to breed once they reach 7 days old.
Pet Food:
Pet Food is to be used when you do not not wish to breed your horses. If you decide to breed your horse after feeding it Pet Food, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food for the effects of the Pet Food to wear off.

Next we move on to all other consumables…..

Healing Kit
This one time use Healing Kit will heal one sick horse and bring its hunger and thirst down to 0%. You will need to rez food near the horse so that it can continue to eat and the hunger and thirst will stay down.

Amaretto Brand Salt Lick
Salts licks increase your horses happiness 1% over time.  Salt licks are used as a buffer to help with breeding. The horses don’t need it before they are of breeding age, so you may want to save the salt lick till then. The Salt Lick helps to increase the happiness of the horse. It only needs to be used when you are trying to increase the Fervor of the horse for breeding and do not have the time to ride them to increase their happiness.

Amaretto Brand Horsie Snacks
This one time use snack will decrease one of your horses hunger and thirst by 10%. You can use the Horsey Snacks as many times as you wish .

Amaretto Brand Endurance Elixir
This one time use elixir will increase one of your horses energy by 10%. You can use the Endurance Elixir as many times as you wish.

Amaretto Brand Sugar Cubes
These one time use sugar cubes will increase one of your horses happiness by 15%.
**This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period**

Amaretto Ranch Pharmacy Passion Pills
This one time use pill will increase one of your horses fervor by 10%.
You can still give  a horse under 7 a passion pill and it will gain fervor which is 10%.
**This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period**

Amaretto Cocktail
This one time use cocktail will increase energy, happiness and fervor by 5% and decrease hunger and thirst by 5%.
**This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period**

Amaretto Brand Pregnancy Booster 1%
The one time use pregnancy booster will increase the horses pregnancy by 1%.

Until next time……..

Well its Monday again and I know Ive missed a few blogs lately but ill try to do better! (ill be grounded if I don’t )

So whats new at Amaretto? Well we are all working diligently on the new K-9’s. We know you guys want them so we are working round the clock!

Did you know there is a new charmed? Well most know by now the last update there were some charmed horses that were retired, the Demon Horse along with the Pegacorn. Which made some people sad 🙁

But its a new day with a new charmed horse!!! Introducing for the first time officially the Charmed Zebra horse!!! As well as the Charmed Charmed Flutter Love Shetland. I have included pictures of all of them!

Remember any horse can give birth to a charmed horse, even those charmed that are retired. For further clarification please read