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Amaretto Ranch Breedables is seeking to get up close and personal with our community and we have found the perfect way to accomplish it. A social network of our own!
To announce or not to announce that is the question. When we attempted the first launch of the new network site so many people tried to sign up we soon realized the server for the website would never hold. The Amaretto team went to work immediately on new servers, more coding and working the issues. May 8th we attempted to launch the site for a second time. Once again we were met with server issues due to the number of people attempting to sign up shortly after the notice was sent out in world. Once the server regained stability we decided to let “word of mouth” be the notice of choice. We watched overnight as more than 200 people signed up in the first 12 hours of the site being live. So what now? SHARE!
We are very excited to share more and more with our community. We want to share images of all the variations of horses that you have bred and tips and tricks of the breeding trade. We welcome everyone that is a part of the Amaretto Breedables family along with those that may just be starting their adventure into breeding animals inside second life.
There is so much you can do on the new network. Ask a question and choose from a variety of answers provided by other users! Vote on the best answer and help answer others questions.
Upload to the Photo albums to share your favorite horse. Share the latest traits and the most unique combinations in your herd’s genetic pool.
Tell us about your events and auctions! We will soon open the advertising section so your ranch can stand out.
Make new friends and keep up to date with the latest news from Amaretto Ranch Breedables.
More features will be added to the site including chat rooms and instant messaging.
So much excitement all rolled into one network and we are not done yet. Stay Tuned…

Hey guys!! Yay! Its Monday again!!  I know I have  missed you guys.

Ticket system is back up and running!
The main website is back up and running!
Amaretto Network! Spread the word add your friends! Advertise! Add me !!  SO be sure to go to and sign up! Upload pics of you and your horses!! This is a great way to stay in touch  with other breeders, auctions, and markets!

New servers now up and running! What does this mean? Hopefully an end to any issues that were causing errors due to server issues.

I know that it has taken longer than we first anticipated to get everything up and running but all lights are green now!!!

Lots of exciting things happening at Amaretto!!

Quick and Easy Guide

Here are some things you need to do when servers are slow, down, or sl acts up.

1. If you do not get stats on your bundle, leave it alone as the server may be slow and it will fix itself. Do not take it or the mother horse into your inventory.

2. If you are birthing a bundle when the server issues start , leave it alone and give it plenty of time for the server to catch up.

3. Usually a bundle that says Mother Had Second Bundle in 3 days , it means there is another viable bundle for the horse. Do not think you have twins as horses can no longer have multiple births. If you dont have a viable bundle, file a ticket and include mothers UUID number, but give it time first.

4. If you can not pick up your horse or bundle follow these steps.

1. Try a sim restart…
If this does not work….
2. right click the horse/bundle.
3. select “wear” from the pie menu.
4. After the horse/bundle is attached, detach the horse from your inventory.
5. If it does not detach, right click it and it should detach.
This should solve the issue.

5. If you have a duplicate horse, check your other horses to see if you have another copy on your land. If you have purchased the horse recently,when you file your ticket include transaction history.

6.If you have missing horses, include atleast the horses name, and UUID number if you have it. Missing/Lost horses are remade with basic stats because the entire uuid is not available since the horse is missing. That means it will be returned at 0 fervor.If you lose a pregnant horse we can not recreate its pregnancy.

Remember if you can’t get stats on bundles, or problems occur while birthing, that is probably server and/or sl issues going on. PLEASE BE PATIENT : )

Missing/Lost horses are remade with basic stats because the entire uuid is not available since the horse is missing.

This means that we do not have available info on the horses current hunger, thirst, energy, happiness, or fervor levels. It is your same original horse with fresh stats.

If your horse is lost or missing, and is pregnant, we can not re create its pregnancy, as there is no data available for the bundle that she is carrying until it is born. If our data shows that she could possibly be pregnant, we can reset her to 100% fervor.


It has come to my attention that some people have a misconception about when and how often horses can be given the Passion Pills and Cocktail in order to get the horses ready for breeding.  I was speaking with a breeder yesterday who did not realize the benefits of giving Passion Pills and Cocktails to your horses from birth and they suggested I write my blog this week on this topic.  Lets say that your horse reaches age 7 without having any Passion Pills or Cocktails, it then has to still reach 100 fervor before it can breed which means it will be that much longer before your new bundle will be dropped.  If your newborn horse is given a Passion Pill and a Cocktail each day from birth, that is 15% of fervor added each day.  So by the time the horse reaches age 7 it will already be at 100 fervor and will be able to get pregnant right away.  Another little known fact is even pregnant horses can be given the Passion Pills and Cocktails in order to keep them primed and ready for breeding at all times.  So if you have a really nice horse that throws really nice offspring that would be a good candidate for you to keep ready to go at all times!  I hope this tip helps some of you with your breeding schedules and if you have any other tips you’d like us to share with everyone please be sure to let me know!


Consumable Endurance Elixir

This weeks consumable is the Endurance Elixir. This one time use elixir will increase one of your horses energy by 10%.

1. Open boxed Endurance Elixir and rez next to the horse you wish to increase the energy.

2. Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find Endurance Elixir from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the horses stats have been updated the Endurance Elixir bottle will disappear
Have a great day an see you next week !!!

Today there is a few things I would like to speak with you all about.

First we have the issue with horses moving in all directions. This is caused by a release that LL did this morning. We are working hard with LL to get this fixed. We have been told the fix is being tested by LL and will be released next Tuesday in the weekly release. At this time we do advise everyone to make sure to turn movement off and make sure the home of the horse is set within range of the food. Remember this is just until LL does get the fix in next Tuesday.

Next thing is something I’m sure everyone has noticed… that is the server issues. The server is not in fact “going down”  it is just slowing down. This is due to all the wonderful customers out there that have made Amaretto what we are today. You all have made the company soar past  our exceptions. With that being said, we are working with our server company  to get a few more servers in place.  We are doing so so we can get things flowing more smoothly for now and for the future of Amaretto.  This process, however is taking a few more days to complete while the server company gets everything setup. We are monitoring the server 24/7. If the server starts to bog down we are on top of it. We do strive for great customer service and do want everyone to have a wonderful experience with the horses. Also, if you have any horses that do not birth during this time please do not pick up the “white” horses, they will reconnect. If a horse does not drop its bundle as soon as it is out of Pregnancy give the horse some extra time, it will drop it. All these issues will fix themselves if you give them time.

Myslhorses has been temporarily  taken off of our data base. This is to decrease the load on the servers. As soon as we do get the new servers in place we will be putting myslhorses back in place. Please keep in mind MySLHorses is a third-party product. It is not owned or operated by Amaretto Ranch Breedables LLC.

I would also like to mention one other thing. I have noticed a lot of people filing  tickets for “Mother Had Second Bundle Error”. Jaymee did a blog on this already. ( ) I want to just remind you if you do get a bundle that says ” MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS” , This is not a viable bundle. In 99% of the cases, the mother  has a viable bundle and these are 2nd bundles that can be deleted. Please note, Twins are NOT possible with the current version.

I would like to say thank you to all who have been patient with us while we work hard to improve your experience with Amaretto Breedables.

I have filed my ticket now what???

Hey guys its Monday!! Hope you’re all doing well! Going through the tickets and talking with a few other CSR’s I thought it would be great to talk about the tickets one more time.

A few things you need to do after filing  a ticket.
1. You do NOT need to send a note card or an instant message to the CSR.

2. You DO need to reply to your ticket.

3. You DO need to  reply in the original ticket.

4. If you do instant message a CSR have your ticket ID on hand, we talk to so many people when you randomly message we have no idea who you are.

How to reply in the original ticket:

After you have logged in find the button on the top menu bar that says View Tickets.Once you are in this view you will see your ticket list. To view your ticket and make a reply click on the title of the ticket above the status bar for it. Once in the ticket you can post a reply in the upper right hand corner with the post reply button. Be sure to reopen the ticket or your response will not be seen

Please be proactive. Read the customer connection. Know whats going on so when you do file a ticket its not something that has already been addressed.


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and happy breeding everyone! As always if you have a question put it on a note card and send to Avalon Crystal.